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Imam Sajjad's Advice to His Companions - Part 1

O people fear Allah and know that you will inevitably return to Him, when every one will see his good and bad deeds right before his very eyes, he will wish for the longest period of time to separate himself from his bad deeds Allah warns you about Himself.

Woe is you, son of Adam. You are negligent but not neglected. Your death is the hastiest to you. It is approaching you with sure steps. It is targeting at death seizes your soul, and you will be alone in your grave. There, your soul will be given back to you and the two angels, namely Munkar and Nakeer, will break in to your grave to examine and interrogate you so difficulty.

First of all, they will ask you about the lord that you were worshipping, the prophet whom was sent to you, the religion that you were following, the book that you were reciting (and taking as guide), and the imam to whom you were adhering loyally. Moreover, they will ask you how you have finished your age, and the source of your wealth and the fields in which you have spent your wealth. Be cautions, look upon yourself, and prepare answers for the test, examination, and interrogations.

If you are faithful, knowledgeable of your religion, loyal to the truthful, and following Allah's disciples, Allah will prompt you to provide acceptable confirmation and will make you speak accurately, so that you will say the correct answer and you will be foretold of gaining Paradise and Allah's consent and the angels will receive you with comfort and happiness.

If you are not, your tongue will stammer, your proof will be rejected, you will be unable to answer, Hell will be advanced to you, and the angels will receive you with the anguish of the dwelling of boiling water and heat of Hell.

Furthermore, you-son of Adam-should realize that what is to come on the Day of Resurrection will be greater, more terrible, and more heartbreaking. On that day, all people will be gathered and others will be witnessing it. Allah, therein, will gather the ancient people and the later generations. On that day, the trumpet will be sounded and the graves will be turned over. That is the day of approaching when, because of hardship and frustration, their hearts will almost reach up to their throats. On that day, stumbles will not be raised, ransoms will not be accepted, apologies will not be excused, and repentance will be there except the rewarding for the good deeds and punishment for the evildoings. Any believer who has done a good deed that is as slight as an atom's weight will find its reward, and any believer who has done an evildoing that is as slight as an atom's weight will find its punishment.

Beware, O people, of sins and acts of disobedience (to Allah) against which Allah has warned and exhorted in the truthful Book and the articulate rhetoric. Do not feel secure from the retribution and destruction of Allah when the Shaitan urges you enjoying the transitory passions and pleasures of this world. Allah says: When a satanic thought starts to bother the pious ones, they understand and see the light. (Holy Qur'an, 7:201)

Take God-fearing as the slogan of your hearts and always remember that Allah promised you of the good rewarding and warned you against the painful anguish when you will be returned to Him. He whoever fears something will certainly beware of it, and whoever bewares of something will desert it.

Do not be with the inadvertent ones who incline to the temporary pleasures of this world and who devised evil plans. Allah the Exalted says: Can they who have devised evil plans expect to be safe from the command of Allah to the earth to swallow them up, or from a torment which might strike them from an unexpected direction? Are they confident that Allah will not seize them while they are on a journey? They will not be able to escape from Allah. Are they confident Allah will not slowly destroy them? (Holy Qur'an 16:45-47)

I warn you lest you will encounter the same retribution that Allah imposed upon the unjust ones and mentioned in the Book. Do not feel safe from suffering a part of the anguish with which Allah threatened the unjust people in His Book. Allah has surely provided other people as means of admonition to you. The very happy is that who learns lessons from others. Allah, in the Book, has also attracted your attentions to the punishments that He imposed upon the unjust people who preceded you. He says: How many unjust towns did We destroy and replace them with other nations. When they found Our torment approaching them they started to run away from the town.We told them, "Do not run away. Come back to your luxuries and your houses so that you can be questioned." (When agony befell them,) They said, "Woe to us! We have been unjust. (Holy Qur'an 21:11-4)

You, people, may claim that these Verses refer to the polytheists only. Allah says: We shall maintain proper justice on the Day of Judgment. No soul will be wronged the least. For a deed even as small as a mustard seed, one will duly be recompensed. We are efficient in maintaining the account. (Holy Qur'an 21:47)
You should know, O servants of Allah, that the proper scales and the records will not be maintained or opened for the polytheists, for they will be taken to Hell in hoards. The proper scales and the records will be maintained and opened for the Muslims.

Fear Allah, O servants, and know that Allah the Exalted has not like for any of His disciples to enjoy this world. Besides, He has not attracted their attentions to its pleasures, transitory amusements, or surface enjoyments. As a matter of fact, Allah has created this world as a field of testing people so that He will see which of them is most virtuous in the deeds.

By Allah I swear, examples were cited for you and a variety of evidences is shown to the heedful ones. O believers, include yourselves with the heedful ones. All power belongs to Allah. Abstain from the transitory pleasures of this world from which Allah has ordered you to abstain. He, the Most Truthful, says: The example of the worldly life is like the water sent down from the sky which becomes mixed with the earth's produce that people and cattle consume. When the land becomes fertile and pleasant, people think that they have control over it. At Our command during the night or day, the land becomes as barren as if it had no richness the day before. Thus, do We explain the evidence (of the truth) for the people who reflect. (Holy Qur'an 10:24)

Do not be inclined to this world; for Allah has said to Muhammad (S.A.W.): Do not be inclined towards the unjust ones lest you will be afflicted by Hell. Besides Allah, no one can be your protector nor will anyone be able to help you. (Holy Qur'an 11:113)

Do not imitate those who are inclined to this world as if it is their permanent residential place and settlement. This world is certainly a short-lived lodging, a transitory house, and an abode of working. Supply yourselves with the good deeds before the scattering of this world's days and before Allah gives the permission to ruin it. As He created and originated it, Allah can ruin it, for He is its custodian and can give it in inheritance to anyone he wishes.

Allah provides you and us with aid to supply with God-fearing and asceticism, make you and us with the abstinent from the transitory pleasures of this world and the desirous for the reward of the life to come. We are only for Him, and through Him can we do.

Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you.

Wording of Admonition

Allah guards you and us against the trickeries of the oppressors, the tyranny of the envious, and the violence of the despots.

O believers, do not be misled by the tyrannical rulers and their fellows who are desiring only for the pleasures of this world, tending to it, deceived by its attractions, approaching it as well as its destruction and smashes which will certainly terminate and be ruined in the morrow.

Beware of matters against which Allah has warned you. Abstain from matters from which Allah has ordered you to abstain. Do not copy the inclination of those who regarded this world as a permanent abode.

All that which is in this world is evidence on its lowliness. Its ornamentation, changeability of manners, variableness of conditions, lessons, playing with people- all these are proofs on its lowliness.

It surely exalts the mean and demeans the noble. It will drive some people into Hell. This is an efficient lesson, trial, and warning for the heedful.

The everyday conditions, including the gloomy seditious affairs, the heresies, the consecutive authorities of injustice, the misfortunes, the fear from the rulers, and the incitement of the Shaitan-all these shake the pure intentions of the hearts and stop against the existent right guidance and the recognition of the rightful, except the hearts of those whom Allah the Majestic protects. Surely, no one can realize the changeability and the variableness of the worldly conditions, as well as the result of its harmful sedition, except those whom Allah has protected. They are those who took the very right path and followed the straight way. They then sought the aid of abstinence through thorough pondering (over things) and learning lessons from others. So, they abstained form receiving the transitory pleasures of this world, deserted its lusts, desired for the bounty of the life to come, worked hard for obtaining them, watched for death, and refused to live the life with the oppressors. Thus, they looked at this world with eagle eye and keen sight and understood the seditious events, heretic deviation, and rulers' injustice.

By my life I swear, you have been shown sufficient proofs, through the misfortunes that befell the ancient people, on the necessity of avoiding the misleading ones as well as people of heresies, tyranny, and commitment of sins on this earth.

Seek Allah's help and return to the obedience to Him and those whose obedience should be preferred to those whom are currently followed and obeyed.

Be thoroughly careful before you suffer regret and sorrow when you will be taken to Allah to stand before him (for maintaining judgment).

By Allah I take the oath, any people who direct to the disobedience to Allah will surely suffer His agony, and any people who prefer the worldly pleasures to the life to come will surely suffer grievous end and ill fate.
The acknowledgment of Allah and the pursuance of the acts of obedience to Him are connected to each other He whoever acknowledges Allah will fear Him, and whoever fears Allah will be urged acting obediently to Him.

Scholars and their disciples worked hard for the sake of Allah and desired for Him after they had acknowledged Him. In this regard, Allah says: Only Allah's knowledgeable servants fear Him. (Holy Qur'an 35:28)

Do not receive anything from the pleasures of this world through committing an act of disobedience to Allah. Spend your times with performing acts of obedience to Allah, seize the opportunities of this world, and work for matters due to which you will be saved from the agony of Allah. This way will decrease your sins, make your apologies more excusable, and increase your opportunities of salvation.

Precede the fulfillment of Allah's instructions and the acts of obedience to Him and to them whose obedience is incumbent upon you to your other affairs.

Do not precede the acts of obedience to the tyrannical rulers and the pleasures of this world to the fulfillment of Allah's instructions and the acts of obedience to Him and to them whose obedience is incumbent upon you.

You should know that you, as well as we, are the servants of Allah, Who prevails us and will be he Only Judge tomorrow when He will subjugate you to interrogation. Prepare the answers for that interrogation before it falls and before you are standing ahead of the Lord of the worlds. On that day, no one will speak before obtaining His permission.

You should also know that Allah will not believe the liars, belie the truthful, reject the excusable apology, or excuse the unjustifiable apology. Allah's is the whole argument against the creatures through His messengers and their successors.

Fear Allah and keep on reforming yourselves, performing acts of obedience to Him and to His representatives. It happens that one feels sorry for his past negligence and omission of Allah's dues and rights. Seek Allah's forgiveness and repent to Him, for He accept the repentance, pardons the evildoings, and knows well whatever you do.

Beware of associating with the disobedient (to Allah), supporting the oppressors, and neighboring the sinful.
Beware of the seditious affairs of such the disciples of Allah, opt for a religion other than Allah's, and prefer their own opinions to the opinions of Allah's disciples (namely the Imams) will be suffering flaming fire (in Hell) that will consume their bodies [from which the souls are absent] and whose hard-heartedness overcame; [therefore, they are dead as they do not feel the heat of Hell].

Learn lessons, people of sights, and thank Allah for His guiding you. You should know that you cannot move away from the control of Allah's ability to anything else. Allah will watch your actions and you will be gathered before Him. Benefit by the lessons and imitate the ethics of the virtuous ones.

Source: Tuhaf al-Uqoul

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