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Imam Sajjad (a.s.) during the Rulership of Merwan and his Family

When Yezid died, his son Muawiya became the next ruler. But he was a pious person and he was not happy with what his father and, grandfather did. He was not even ready to rule. He died within six months of his father's death. His younger brother Khalid was too young to rule. As a result, Merwan Bin Hakam succeeded in becoming the next ruler in A.H. 64.

At this time the Muslims of Kufa rose against Merwan. These Muslims were called "TAWWABUNS". They were under the leadership of such a pious and sincere person as Sulaiman Surd Khizai. They fought against the government of Bani Umayya to take revenge of Imam Husain's Martyrdom. Unfortunately, they were defeated and most of them killed by Merwan's Army in A.H. 65.

Soon after that, Merwan died from the hands of his wife who was Yezid's old wife and Khalid's mother. She had married Merwan on the promise that he would help Khalid be the ruler. She killed him when he did not fulfil his promise.

Adopted from the book : "A Brief Biography of Ali bin Husain (a.s.)" by : "Muhammad Reza Dungersi Ph.D"

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