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Imam Reza (a.s.) and Unfixed Wages

That day Sulayman bin Ja'far and Imam Reda (as) had gone out together for some work. It was sunset when Sulayman bin Ja'far wanted to return home. Imam Reda (as) said to him: "Come to my house and be with us tonight." Sulayman bin Ja'far agreed and with Imam Reda (as) he went to his house.

Imam Reda (as) saw his servants busy in gardening. By the way, he saw a stranger, who was also busy in gardening with them. Imam Reda (as) asked: "Who is he?"

Imam Reda (as) and unfixed wagesThe servants replied: "We have hired him today so that he may help us."

Imam Reda (as): "It'a all right. How much wages have you fixed for him?"

Servants: "We will give him something and would make him satisfied."

The signs of displeasure and anger appeared on Imam Reda (as) face and he wanted to punish them. Sulayman bin Ja'far came forward and said:

"Why do you make yourself uncomfortable?"

Imam Reda (as) said: "I have repeatedly given orders that till the work and wages are not fixed, never get the work done by anyone. First fix the wages of the person and then get the work done. Even if you have fixed the wages, you could give something extra to him after the work is over. Certainly, when he finds that you have given him more than the fixed wages, he would be thankful to you and would like you. And the affection between you and him would increase. And even if you would give him the wages you have fixed, the person would not be unhappy with you. But if you do not fix the wages and employ someone to work, whatever you would give him after the work, he would not think that you have done a favour to him. Rather, he will think that you have given him less than his actual wages."

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