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Imam Kadhim (as) in Various Prisons

1. In Isa Ibn-e Ja'far's prison

The horsemen took Imam Kadhim (as) to Medina and delivered him to Isabn-e Ja'far. . Imam spent one year in Basra in his prison.

Haroon wrote a letter to Isa Ibn-e Ja'far to kill Imam. Having received Haroon's letter, Ja'far summoned some of his close friends and reliable ones, read the letter to them and sought for their advice. "Do not kill Imam and ask Haroon to exempt you from this duty", said they to him.

Isa wrote a letter to Haroon mentioning that "It has been such a long time since Imam has been in my prison during which I have tested him and my spies were watching his every movements, but I could not find anything about him except this fact that he was always praying. Even I arranged so that one of my secret guards could listen to his praying.

According to my secret guard Imam was not cursing you and me, and was not calling out our names badly and also was asking for nothing but God's forgiveness and blessing.

Now send someone to here so that I can deliver Imam to him or I will set him free for I suffer a lot keeping him in prison."

It is said that one of the spies reported about the praying which he had heard from Imam (as) during his imprisonment .

The praying was "Oh God! You know that I have always wished that you put me in an easy place where I can say your prayers and you have embodied my wish, I shall appreciate You and I am grateful to You."

2. In Fazlibn-e Rabi's Prison

When Haroon received Isa's letter, He sent someone to Basra, to receive Imam (as) and sent him to Baqdad and to deliver him to Fazlibn-e Rabi' (One of the ministers). Imam was in Baqdad for a long time in Rabi's prison.

Haroon asked Rabi' to kill Imam Kadhim (as) but he did not accept to do it. Haroon through a letter ordered Fazl to deliver him to Fazlibn-e Yahya.

3. In Fazlib-e Yahya Barmaky's prison

Fazlibn-e Yahya received Imam and let him be in one of the rooms of his house having hired the watchmen controlling him.

They reported that Imam was always praying and he connected day with night through praying and reciting Quarn, busy with praying and he was fasting so many days and he was not turning his face away from the direction of praying.

By observing Imam's behavior, Fazl respected him a lot. Haroon had received news about all these. At that time he was in 'Reqah' (A nearby city in Baqdad). He wrote a letter to Fazl demanding that he had to kill Imam not respect him. Fazl did not obey Haroon and he did not kill Imam. Haroon received the news regarding the issue. He became very angry and summoned Masroor Khadim (One of his cruelest men) immediately to go to Baqdad to Moosabn-e Jafar. "If you find him comfortable. You will give this letter to Abbas Ibn-e Mohammad and order him to do as the letter dictates to him",said he.

4. In Sandi Ibn-e Shahak's perison

Haroon gave another letter to Masroor Khadim demanding that the letter must be handed to Sandi Ibn-e Shahak (a cruel Jewish jailer). It was included in the letter that Sandi Ibn-e Shahak must obey Abbas Ibn-e Mohammad in anyway.

Masroor Khadim went to Baqdad and entered Fazl Ibn-e Yahya's house. No one knew the reason of Masroor's presence there. He directly went to Imam and as he was told, Imam was convenient. So, he went to Abbas Ibn-e Mohammad and Sandi Ibn-e Shahak and handed them Haroon's letters.
imam kadhim

Shortly after that, Abbas's delegate came hurriedly to Fazl's house. Fazl got nervous and accompanied Abbass delegate to his house. Abbas asked for several whips and board -like objects.Then he ordered to bare Yahya and Sand Ibn-e Shahak whipped him for one hundred times during which Abbas was personally witnessing the event. After that, Fazl left Abbas's house. Masroor Khadim wrote a letter to Haroon through which he explained all the event regarding the issue. Having recognized Sandi Ibn-e Shahak as a suitable person for killing and torturing Imam Kadhim (as), Haroon ordered Khadim to deliver Imam to Shahak.

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