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Imam Jawad's (pbuh) Contact with the World of Unseen

1. Following the martyrdom of Imam Reza (PBUH) eighty men of wisdom traveled to perform Hajj. On the way toMecca they arrived Medina and went to Imam Jawad's (PBUH) house to pay him a visit. Imam Jawad (PBUH) who was a child moved into the aggregation and all of them stood up to honor and respect him.
Then they asked questions about their problems and heard then response of the Imam (PBUH) and were very glad. One of them named "Isaac" says, I had written down a number of problems to ask from the Imam (PBUH) and request him to pray for me so that God gives us a son. Since the assembly was quite overcrowded I got up to go and come back the next day. Imam (PBUH) saw me and said, Oh Isaac, God granted my demand (prayer) and will give you a son. Name him "Ahmad."
Thereafter, Imam (PBUH) answered my problems. I heard the answers to my questions without even putting them to Imam (PBUH).
I was much surprised and said, I thank God for the benediction and boon that he has given us. He is the same proof of God (Imam) as I returned to my city not very long had passed that God gave me a son just as Imam (PBUH) had said. I named him "Ahmad."
2. Ashari Qumi says, "I had the honor to visit Imam (PBUH). I humbly said, "One of the ladies, who is one of your friends, has recommended to me that I bring along with me one of your dresses for her so that she may use it as her coffin."
Imam said, "She does not need it any longer."
I did not exactly understand what it meant. I did not utter a word and said good-bye to Imam (PBUH) and came back. Afterwards, I came to know that a few days before my reaching the Imam (PBUH), that woman had died. Imam (PBUH) was informed about her death. He wanted to make me know it by a signal.
3. Ummiyya says, "During the period when Imam Reza (PBUH) was in Khorasan I used to visit the ninth Imam's house." One day he told his relatives "Get ready for mourning tomorrow." I said "for whom"? He said, "The mourning of the best of all the human beings, my father Hazrat Reza (PBUH)."
4. Aba Salat who was one of the friends of Imam (PBUH) says, "After the martyrdom of Imam Reza (PBUH) I was imprisoned by the order of Ma'muon. I remained a prisoner for one year and got very much sad and gloomy. One night, I kept waking and busy praying and was calling my Imam (PBUH) for help. My prayers had not yet finished that I saw Imam Jawad (PBUH) son of Imam Reza (PBUH) near myself. He addressing me said, "Oh Aba Salat it seems you have become very sad and gloomy?" I said, "Yes." Imam (PBUH) came near me and struck his hand upon the chains and all at once those fell to the ground. Then he said, "Get up." He took me by the hand and guided me out of the prison and said "Go, so that now you will not see Ma'muon after this and no harm will reach you from him." The way Imam (PBUH) said it happened.

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