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Imam Husain (AS) the "Savior of Islam"

Ashura Day, the day whereby millions of Muslims all over the world commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S.) which took place in Karbala, Iraq on the 10th of Muharram 61 A.H. (680 AD), creates a historical symbol of unity and struggle against evil, injustice, and oppression.

The Battle of Karbala (680 AD) was the reenactment of ancient confrontation between truth and falsehood; right and wrong; freedom and tyranny; justice and oppression.

The event of Imam Husain and his faithful and fearless companions in Karbala, kindles likes of new hope and new courage in their hearts of men and women who are victims of injustice and oppression. Their story is fountainhead of inspiration to human beings-generation after generation.

Their story has phoenix-like quality; it's forever fresh. The story of their deeds of courage, loyalty, and self-sacrifice has become an integral part of heritage not only of Islam but the world.

Who is Imam Husain?

Imam Husain is the youngest grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.). His mother was Hadrat Fatima (A.S) the daughter of Muhammad Mustafa. His father is Ali Ibne Talib- cousin of Muhammad Mustafa. In bloodline, Imam Husain was the noblest personage in Islam.
Imam Husain is the hero of the battle of Karbala. This battle was fought 680 A.D. in the plains of Karbala, Iraq against Yazid bin Muawiya.

Imam Husain is the symbol of resistance to the presumption of power and arrogance of wealth. He is the beau-ideal of all those men and women who will never acquiesce in the crimes of brute force. Imam Husain standing against Yazid is reminiscent of some notable parallels in history- MOSES against PHAROAH, DAVID against GOLIATH, JOHN THE BAPTIST against HEROD, CHRIST before PONTIUS PILATE, and MUHAMMAD MUSTAFA against ABU JAHL and ABU SUFYAN.

Imam Husain and his friends defended the principle of freedom, and they defended human dignity and human rights when brute force threatened to destroy them. Imam Husain has the power of producing a quality and strength of character that will keep one from falling or deviating from the truth.

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