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Imam Hadi's (as) short Biography

Imam Ali un-Naqi (A.S.) known as Hazrat Hadi was born in the mid of ZilHajj, 212 Hijrah in the vicinity of Madina, at a place known as Surya.

His father is Imam Javad (A.S.) his mother Samana was a maid with excellence, virtue and piety. Imam (A.S.) got the post of Imamate after the martyrdom of his father in the year 220 Hijrah. Although he was not more than 8 years of age, yet he was the focus of the attention of Shias and the Abbasade caliphs were extremely scared and afraid of him. They set their hand to his exile and torture. Such as "Mutawakkil" brought Imam (A.S.) from Madina to Samarra and he stayed then till the end of his life.


The Tenth Holy Imam (A.S.) like his father was also elevated to the rank of Imam in his childhood. He was six years old when his father Imam Muhammad al-Jawad (A.S.) was martyred.

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