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Imam Baqir's Short Biography

Name : Muhammad

Title : Al-Baqir

Kunyat : Abu Jafar

Born : Tuesday 1st of Rajab 57 A.H. , at Medina

Father's Name : Ali ibn Husain

Mother's Name : Fatima binte Hassan

Died : At the age of 59 years, at Medina, on Monday, 7th Zilhajj 116 AH. Poisoned by Hisham bin Abdul Malik

Buried : Jannat-ul-Baqi.

His Birth and his early Life

He was born in Ku`fa,. He grew up in Ku`fa, the capital of the Shi'ites. He was obedient to the members of the house ( Ahl al-Bayt), and loved them very much.

His Scientific Position

He was among the most prominent and brilliant scholars of his time. He reported traditions on the authority of Imam Ali b. al-Husayn, Abu` Ja'far, and Abu Abd Allah, peace be on them. He had priority and importance with them.

Ima`m Abu` Ja'far said to him: "Sit down in the Mosque of Medina. Give religious opinions to the people. I like to see persons similar to you among my Shi'ites.

Imam Baqir was the foremost in all techniques of sciences of the Koran, jurisprudence, tradition, literature, language, and grammar.

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