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Imam as-Sadiq and Abbas (a.s.)

Imam as-Sadiq (a) used to praise his uncle al-Abbas and pay tributes to his heroic situations during the battle of at-Taff:

"My uncle al-Abbas was clear-sighted and steadfastly faithful. He fought with his brother al-Hussein, did very well, and was martyred."66

Imam as-Sadiq, in the previous statement, refers to the noblest characteristics that al-Abbas enjoyed:


Clear-sightedness is originated from well-advisedness and intellectual genuineness. It is attached to self-pureness and simple-heartedness, and enjoyed only by those who are free from control of passions.

In the personality of al-Abbas, this characteristic was very clear. It was the principal motive that incited him to support and follow Imam al-Hussein (a) to climb up to the summit of honor and glory. Hence, his great personality has lasted forever as long as man is submitted to the human values whose summits and climaxes have been attained by al-Abbas, al-Abbas.


Imam as-Sadiq (a) testified to the unmatched character of his uncle al-Abbas when he attached the characteristic of steadfast faith to him. This steadfast faith provoked al-Abbas to challenge the enemies in the fields of jihad and sacrifice himself for his religion.



66. See Thakheerat ud-Darein, 123 (as quoted from Umdet ut-Talib).

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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