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Imam Ar-Ridha’s Travel To Maro

After Imam Al-Kadhum’s martyrdom, Imamhood shifted into his son Ali bin Mosa Ar-Ridha “a.s.” who was in the thirty-fifth of his honoured age. In addition to his Divine Imamhood and guidance of the Islamic nation, he was the lonely legatee of his father Al-Kaadhum “a.s.” who will take up on himself the responsibility of his father’s sons, pother sand sisters.

In spite of the continuity of the stress of Haroun’s government, Imam Ar-Ridha “a.s.” was engaged in his divinely duty without any fear or veneration. He never neglects a moment in spreading the right path and truth.

Nevertheless the situations never permitted Haroun to oppose Imam or show enmity towards him. Then Haroun diseased and died because of his illness in 193A.H. and Muslims got rid of one of extremely evil murderers. Then Al-Ameen took up the position of Caliphate but he rulled not more than four years in that the bloody events took place between him and his pother Al-Ma'moon over Caliphate. And finally, Al-Amin was killed at the hand of his pother and consequently Al-Mamoon ascended the position of Caliphate.

Imam Ar-Ridha “a.s.” took the apportunity of the rulers’ engagement in wars, so he could educate and teach his followers without any obstruction.

Because of the Abbasid’s conflict over controlling the government, they couldn’t have enough time to harm Imam Ar-Ridha “a.s.” and his Shiites.

But when the matter of government was established for Al-Ma'moon, he started to strengthen his regime supports by ways of seduction. Due to his craftiness and deception of the common lot he gathered the scholars around him and, established scholarly societies and he tried to show himself as an expert ruler, who liked knowledge and its holders.

On the other hand, in order to attain the Shi’as protection, he announced his love towards Ali the Master of the Faithful and was cursing Muawiya.

And because of the advancing extention of the Islamic countries and the existence of dissenters in all of their sides he was obliged to attain the shiites’ protection, so as to protect his Caliphate position. Otherwise, if the Shiites joined the rows of opponents the situation would be highly difficult. Therefore so as to deceive the Alawids and the shi’as, he determined to elect Imam Ar-Ridha “a.s.” as his crown prince.

And if Imam Ar-Ridha “a.s.” accepted the crawn prince position no doubt shi’as would restrain themselves from objecting to the government, of which their Imam is its crown prince.

Many letters in this field were exchanged between Al-Ma'moon and Imam Ar-Ridha “a.s.”. Imam Ar-Ridha “a.s.”, expressed his rejection of the tenure, while the Calipha was insisting on him to accept it.

The successive letters ping about nothing, while Imam “a.s.” frustrated the demonic plot of the Calipha through his vigilant position, and all his attempts were fruitless, and the Imam declared his refusal of Al-Ma'moon’s quest.

Yet Al-Ma'moon didn’t refrain himself from this affair, so, in order to achieve his goal, he sent “Rajae' bin Abi adh-Dhaak” to Al-Madeena in 200 A.H. to ping the Imam from Al-Madeena to Maro, which was the centre of his government.

Al-Ma'moon was hoping to gain Imam’s agreement to accept the tenure, (to be the crown prince). After he compelled and inforced Imam Ar-Raidha “a.s.” in order to leave Al-Madeen, he (Imam) started to visit the graves of his grandfathers four Imams in Al-Baqie; Then he said farewell to his sons, pothers, and sisters, among whom was his honest sister the Lady Fatima Al-Ma'sooma “a.s.”, and left towards Maro.

With great grief and sadness, Imam “a.s.” was seen off by his family and relatives, so they returned back to their houses, sorrowfully and gloomily, since they lost the most dearest shelter to them.

With the separation of Imam “a.s.” Al-Ridha the moments of happiness in the life of Fatima Al-Ma'sooma came to an end for she found bless and kindness, after the martyrdom of her father Al-Imam Al-Kaadhum, “a.s.”, under the shadow of her darling pother Ar-Ridha “a.s.”, who then travelled, reluctantly and the separation of this kind pother is highly difficult upon all the family members of Imam Al-kadhum “a.s.”, and more especially on the Lady Al-Ma'sooma “a.s.”.

Al-Ma'moon was planning that the way of Imam Ar-Ridha “a.s.” must never be through the towns dwelt by Shiites in particular Kufa and Qom, since might lead to the peoples’s revolution, rising-up and rebellion against Al-Ma’moon’s regime and his workers, so that the power of government may be lost.

The pight history of Kufa and Qom witnessed the love and loyality of their people towards the Prophet’s progeny which was clear for the Caliph; therefore he prevented Imam Ar-Ridha “a.s.” from passing through these Shiitic towns.

In spite of Al-Mamoon’s arrangement Muslims living in other cities along Imam’s movement have met the son of the Holy Prophet “s.” with an incomparable hospitality and welcome and whenever he came to their cities, they were taking from his much knowledge, while in some Iranian cities people have met the son of the messenger of God “s.” in a highly exceptional and distinguished manner so that all the population gathered in surrounding Imam’s riding camel and benefited from his honourable presence.

Nishabour was one of these cities. When its people knew about Imam’s arrival towards their houses, they went out of their houses and gathered around his caravan and surrounded around his camel in order to obtain some knowledge from its origin. They said: “O, the son of the Prophet we like to benefit from your knowdedge and listen to your speech”.

Imam “a.s.” responded to their desire and recited the Hadith of the golden chain “silsilatith-Thahab”, which he “a.s.” narrated from his father, from his fathers, from the Prophet that he said:

“Allah the Sublime and the Glorious surely says: The word “There is no god but Allah” is my fort and who ever entered within my fort would be safe from my punishment”, And after the caravan advanced some steps, Imam “a.s.” took out his honourable head from the holder and said: with its conditions and I am one of these conditions”. Imam “a.s.” meant: that to say that there is “no God but Allah” alone is not enough to enter Paradise, but the speaker should also believe in Imams of the Right” among whom is Imam Ar-Ridha “a.s.”, or He “a.s.” meant that, no one can reach the reality of monotheism unless by the way of Ahlil-Bayit (the Prophet’s progony) “a.s.” which is the single way in order to know Allah the Sublime.

After that long journey, Imam “a.s.” arrived to Maro, while Al-M’amoon met him, and insisted on him in order to accept the crown prince position but Imam “a.s.” was still refusing this quest. Thus the conflict lasted between the Imam and the Caliph about this issue for two monthes. And finally Imam “a.s.” was compelled to accept this position under Al-Mamoon’s threats. with great sadness and gloomy heart, he accepted the crown prince position on Ramadhan 201A.H. but he “a.s.” stipulated, that he should never interfere in any of the decisions of the government, and Al-Ma'moon responded to this condition.

Adapted from the book: "A View at Fatima Ma'asumah's Life" by: "Ghulam Ridha Haydari Abhari"

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