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Imam al-Mahdi and Abbas (a.s.)

The Great Reformist Imam al-Mahdi, God may hasten his return, said a great word about al-Abbas:

"Salaam be upon Abu'l-Fadl al-Abbas, son of Amir ul-Mu'minin. He preferred his brother to himself, supplied himself with (opportunities of) today for (rewards of) tomorrow, sacrificed himself for his brother, protected him, hurried for fetching him water, and his two hands were cut (for such). Allah curse his killers; Yazid ibn ar-Raqqad and Hukaim ibn at-Tuffail at-Taee…"67

In the previous statement, Imam al-Mahdi praises al-Abbas for the noble characteristics that he enjoyed:

The Imam (a) commends al-Abbas for:

1. Preferring his brother; the chief of the martyrs, to himself,

2. Supplying himself with opportunities of this life for the life to come. This is an indication to his piety, God-fearing, and support for the right and its people,

3. Sacrificing his brothers, sons, and himself for Imam al-Hussein (a),

4. Protecting his brother with his soul, and

5. His efforts to fetch water to his brother and his harem when the other party encircled the Euphrates so as to prevent the party of Imam al-Hussein from having water even for their children and women.


67. See Muhammad ibn al-Mash'hadi's al-Mazzar.

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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