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Imam al-Hasan's (a.s.) and the Umayyad Party

The greastest person who belonged to this party were: 'Amru b. Hurath, Ammaria b. al-Walid b. Aqaba, Hajar b. Umar b. Sa'd b. Abu Waqqas, Abu Burda b. Abu Musa al-Ash'ari, Isma'il and Ishaq the two sons of Talhab. 'Ubayd Allah, and the like. Strong elements with followers and influence blonged to this party. They played a dangerous role in destroying the succession of Al-Hasan, peace be on Him, through their riot, plots, and disobedience.

"So they wrote secretly to Mu'awiya to listen and obey Him. They urged Him to come quickly to them. They guaranteed to hand over Al-Hasan when they got to his camp, or to kill Him treacherously."1

In his book Tarikh, al-Mas'udi told us2: "Many of them (the Kufans wrote secretely to Him (Mu'awiya). They became hasty in promises for Him and asked Him for powers."

"Mu'awiya plotted against Amru b. Hurayth, al-Ash'ath b. Qays, Hajjar b. Abjar, and Shibth b. Rib'i through his spies. In the meantime he said to one of his spies: "If you kill al-Al-Hasan. I will give you one hundred thousand dirhams, an army of the armiese of Sham (Syria), and a daughter of my daughters." Al-Hasan peace be on Him, heard of that. So he wore his breastplate. He guarded gainst them and did not head them in prayer. So one of them (the above mentioned person) threw an arrow at Him. However, the arrow did not hit Him because if his breastplate.3

One of these texts is enough to explain Mu'awiya's intensions. In this manner, they (the Kufans) did evil intentionally. They did the deeds of the traitor who waited for an opportunity. Their mean attempts were clear even under the clouds of deception and hypocrisy. In other words their attempts seemed exposed and blatant at the hour of the summons to the obligation.

Also in this manner, they (the Kufans) were throughout that time the leaders of riot, helpers of plots, and fingers of the enemy in the city of (Kufa).

The Kharijites co-operated with them (the Kufans) to overthrow the HasHimite Caliphate duringf its two holy times. That is because the Kharijites and the Kufans shared the same Plan. The evidence for this is what has been in the last text concerning the participation of al-Ash'ath b. Qays and Shibth b. Rib'i, who were among the leaders of the Kharijites in Kufa.

1. al-Mufid, al-Irshad, p. 170. al-Tubrisi, A'lam al-Wara.

2. al-Mas'udi, Hamish b. al-Athir, vol. 6. 42. I (the author) say: I think that many people from 'sham might wrote to Al-Hasan peace be on Him, at that time as the kufans wrote to Mu'awiya. We have known that the two parties (the Kufans and the Syrias) were ready to break their promises whenever worldly desires tempted them. you have to see al-Mahasin wa al-Masawi. vol. 2. p. 2oo. by al-Bayqahi, to know that the followers of Mu'awiya wrote to Imam Ali peace be on Him. Also try to see Tarikh, vol. 3. p 12. by al-Ya'qubi, to know that all followers of Abd al-Malik b. Marwan wrote to Mas'ab b. al-Zubayr and asked Him for safety and gifts. So we must understand that the Syrians wrote to Al-Hasan, but their letters have remained secret for us, for Al-Hasan did not reveal the secret as Mu'awiya did, or the historians have intentionally ignored this matter as they have ignored many matters.

3. Ilal al-Sharai, p. 82.

Adopted from the book: "Sulh al-Hasan (a.s.)" by: "Sheykh Radi al-Yasin"

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