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Imam al-Hadi's (a.s.) Supplications in Qunut

Adapted from : "The Life of Imam ‘Ali al-Hadi, Study and Analysis" by: "Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi"

Many supplications were transmitted from Imam al-Hadi (a.s.) which he recited in the qunut28 of his prayers, showing the extent of his devotedness and submissiveness to Allah. Here are some of them.
1. “O Allah, the founts of Your gifts are brimful, the doors of Your supplications for one who hopes in You are wide-open, and Your merciful looks on one who resorts to You are not cut. Caution is bridled, need is urgent, and people of patience are unable to wait. O Allah, You are in watch over all places, and you do not ignore but (provide) respite. Whoever takes refuge with you will be secure, and whoever resorts to you will succeed and get to your door safe.
O Allah, overtake those who persist on oppression and continue in their ignorance to the end of disbelief. Your patience with them has made them covetous of doing as they desire. They harm your guardians with their evils, and hurt them with their vices, and take their harm to them in their habitation. O Allah, dispel torment from the believers and send it openly on the unjust!
O Allah, drive torment away from reliers and pour it on the haughty! O Allah, assist the followers of the truth, and surprise the assistants of injustice with snap! O Allah, make us delighted with gratefulness, give us victory, and keep us safe from the bad bada’,29 bad end, and danger!’30
The supplications of the infallible Imams were not limited to the spiritual side, but they included all sides of life. This supplication pictured the political life and the oppression that people suffered during the reigns of those kings who were excessive in oppressing people and forcing them to do what they were unwilling to do. I think that, in this supplication, Imam al-Hadi (a.s.) invoked Allah against al-Mutawakkil who excessively oppressed the Alawids.
2. “O You, Who are unique in deity, and alone in oneness, O You, by Whose name the day glows, and lights shine, by Whose command night darkens, and by Whose gift rain comes down, O You, Whom the distressed call upon and You respond, the frightened resort to and You rescue them, obedient worship and You thanked them, and the grateful praise and You reward them. How exalted You are! How high your authority is! How executable your commands are! You are the Creator (who creates) without effort and the Judge (who judges) without injustice.
Your excuse is irrefutable, and Your words are undeniable. To You I have resorted and sought protection from the blows on knots (magic), and the watches of the atheists who deny Your attributes, harm Your guardians, support the killing of Your prophets and chosen ones, intend to put out Your light, deny Your messengers, resist Your signs, take guardians other than You and Your guardians, and worship their idols instead of You.
But You favor Your guardians with Your great blessings, generously give them Your bounties, endow them with the best of Your reward to save them from opposing the prophets and from the ways of deviation, and respond to them when they carry out the covenants, and so the turning hearts submit to You with agreements.
O Allah, I ask You by Your name which the heavens and the earth have submitted to, and by which You enliven the dead among things, make living beings die, gather every separated thing, separate every gathered thing, perfect the words, show great signs, assist the repentant, and delay the acts of the corruptive and make their deeds vain…to have blessings on Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad and make my Shi’a (followers) from those who have been charged and they believed, and been interrogated and they spoke while safe and trusted.
O Allah, I ask You for them the success of the people of guidance, the deeds of the people of certainty, the loyalty of the people of repentance, the determination of the people of insight, the God-fearingness of the people of piety, the concealment of the truthful until they, O my Lord, fear You with fear that prevents them from Your disobediences so that they obey You to obtain Your dignity, and until they become loyal to You and for You for fear of You, and until they become sincere to You in repentance so that You give them Your love which You have necessitated for the repentant, and until they rely on You in all their affairs out of their good will towards You, and until they entrust their affairs to You out of their trust in You.
O Allah, Your obedience is not obtained except through Your reconciliation, and no degree from the degrees of goodness is obtained except by You. O Allah, the Master of the Day of Judgment, the Aware of the secrets hidden in the chests of people, purify the earth from the impurity of the people of polytheism, and silence the liars from fabricating lies against Your messenger!
O Allah, eradicate tyrants, snap slanderers, and destroy fabricators who, when the verses of the Beneficent are recited before them, say: fables of the ancients. O Allah, fulfill Your promise to me, and hasten the deliverance of every suppliant seeker; You are ever watchful! I seek Your protection from every dubiosity, and from every heart that is locked up away from knowing You, and from a soul that disbelieves if it is distressed, and from one who speaks about justice while his deeds are opposite to justice, and from one who seeks the truth while he is far away from true qualities, and from one who gains fame while he is lowered in his fame, and from a face which, in spite of successive blessings, is gloomy. I seek Your protection from all that and everything like it, You are Knowing, Wise.”


28. Qunut means “obedience, submissiveness, God-fearing…”, but here it is a part of prayer in which one recites supplication in a specified manner.
29. The emergency of new circumstances which cause a change in an earlier divine ruling.
30. Muhaj ad-Da’awat, al-Misbah.


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