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Imam al-Baqir's (a.s.) Burial

The people carried the great body from al-Hamima.1 They gathered around it. They were shouting: "There is no god but Allah! Allah is Great!" They were happy to touch the coffin of the Imam. They were mentioning the laudable and favors of Imam Abu Ja'far(al-Baqir), peace be on him. Then they reached at Baqi' al-Gharqad. They dug a grave alongside the grave of his father, Zayn al-'Abidin, the greatest Imam, peace be on him, and besides his great-uncle, Imam al-Hasan, the Lord of the Youth of Heaven, peace be on him. Then Imam al-Sadiq buried his father in his final resting place. He buried with him knowledge, clemency, and kindness to people.
The death of Imam Abu Ja'far (al-Baqir), peace be on him, was the greatest loss for the Moslems then. For they missed the leader, the pioneer, and the guide, who spared no effort to spread knowledge and cultural awareness among Moslems.


1. Al-Hummayma was the name of a village putside Medina. 'Ali b. al'Abbas and his sons owned the village during the time of the Umayyad givernment. Ibn Tolon has mentioned that in his book, Tarikh al-A'imma al-Ithna 'Ashar, p. 281."

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