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Ibne Qutaiba's Narration

Ibne Qutaiba Dinavari records that Sulaiman b. Sarad, who was a leader of Koofa and was not present in Koofa at the time, raising an objection against Imam Hasan (as), said: "I am very much surprised how you agreed to Moawiya's allegiance when you had one hundred thousand paid soldiers under your control." 10

The learned scholar Sheikh Raazi Ale Yasin, analysing the above observation by Ibne Qutaiba, writes that the above account has been mentioned in 'Tanziatul Anbia', 'Manaqib Ibne Shahr Aashob' and 'Biharul Anwar' in which the said number has been mentioned as forty thousand instead of one hundred thousand. Ibne Qutaiba is alone in mentioning the figure of one hundred thousand just like he mentioned the word 'allegiance' instead of 'peace', which no one else had used. 11

10. Ibne Qutaibah - 'Al Imamah val Siyasah' Qum, Manshoorat al Razi.

11. Sheikh Raazi Aale Yasin - 'Sulh-ul Hasan', Qum, Manshooraat al Shareef Razi, 1994 , p.118.

Adapted from the book: "Imam Hasan and Caliphate" by: "Qurrat-ul-Ain Abidiy"

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