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I saw Al-Reza (a.s.) through a lover's vision

I saw Al-Reza (a.s.) through a lover's vision,
By: Sahar Hussain

The silent prayer that I oft whispered, echoed aloud in my ear; as I helplessly rose to leave. A little boy, laid crippled by the door, with his mother drowning in grief. The child; disabled for life, smiled as I walked past him. My heart was now burning in sorrow, and my tears too weak to extingush the fire. In my mind I spoke to you, wishing you would reply to me.

My Beloved; I travelled so far; away from home, remote from the gracious sincerity of my loved ones. I am now a stranger lacking support, an exhausted wayfarer afar from my homeland. Advancing towards your golden zareeh, grasping the pillars, and kissing each one. Is this how Al-Reza welcomes his lover, who has come all the way to meet his master? I, am a peasant; a beggar at your door, and a glance at you is all I ask for.

For your mother's sake, for your beloved Jawad, permit me to see you just once. A hand on my shoulder, who's warmth enriched my vacated spirit, guiding me towards the zareeh.

'Allah is great' - a woman chanted, with tears obscuring her vision. Her little child - now walking & playing ... I saw Al-Reza through a lover's vision, through the reflection of his goodness. This fulfilled the age long prayer that I had secretly asked for. As I leave the holy vicinity of Mashad,

I have with me the purest souvenir; the love of my master thriving forever in my heart.

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