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Hussein Hussein Ya Hussein

Hussein Hussein Ya Hussein Hussein Hussein Ya Hussein

* * *

Hussein’s a candle of light, Who glows both in day and night, Guiding us all to the right, To Kerbala we want to fly.

* * *

Hussein is the saviour, He is sinless he’s the pure, He will guide me he’s the cure, I’ll knock always at your door.

* * *

You are Safinat un Najat, You are Ihdin as Sirat, You are so close to my heart, From it you will never depart.

* * *

I will hold onto your rope, For you are my only hope, Without you I’ll never cope, Guide me to the narrow road.

* * *

Let us board Hussein’s ship, Let us head for the best trip, Guaranteed, you’ll never slip, Those left behind, will never win.

* * *

I’m ready to go through much pain, Let them all call me insane, As long as I’m with Hussein, I’m following Allah’s Lane.

* * *

On the eve of Ashura, The whole world is in Azaa’, For a man who is so great, For our master the Hussein.

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