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Husain at Mecca and the Deputation from Kufa

HUSAIN ARRIVED IN Mecca on 3rd Shahan 6o A.H. for the pilgrimage and thereafter to decide for his future step. He could not stay in Madina without paying 'Bait' to Yazid or getting killed in return for his refusal to pay the allegiance. Allegiance meant recognising the Devil in the place of God which Husain, could never do.

His murder at Madina would have caused the clash of the Madinites, particularly the Hashimites with the Yazidian forces, resulting in the destruction of the poor citizens and the ruin of the holy city of his Grandfather for which he did not like to be responsible. Besides, if he had stayed there in Madina with death facing the world would have questioned his stay there and not taking shelter somewhere out of it. He came to Mecca, and here he received the deputation from Kufa with the persistent implorations to go and guide them on the right path of the faith against the straying away from the faith forced on them with the infidelity and godlessness spread all over the country.

Husain could neither blindly accept the call from Kufa, for the Kufees who were known for their unstable character and unsettled conduct, if latr turn treacherous, the world would question Husain's ready response to their call without the necessary caution. Therefore Husain decided to send a deputy of his to Kufa to write to him after studying the sincerity in the invitation.

Adapted from the book: "Husain; The Saviour of Islam" by: "S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali"

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