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How to Replant a Rose

How many times do you get beautiful roses only to dread that they have to die? Well, it is possible to plant those beautiful roses in your own yard. You need to have good soil, plenty of sunlight, water, and the most special ingredient of all, a little patience.

1. Select the toughest stems. When roses are given or bought, find the roses with the toughest stems, and make sure the leaves remain intact.

2. Trim the roses. Once you have completely separated the arrangement, trim the bottom portion of the rose at an angle (approx. 25 degrees).

3. Dig a hole. With a gardening shovel, dig a hole about as round as a tea cup saucer.

4. Fill the hole 1/4 full of water.

5. Place approx 3 roses about an inch apart from each other in the hole.

6. Place the rose as far into the ground to where a leaf 'branch' is buried as well. Make sure, however, that the leaf itself must be exposed without soil.

7. Carefully replace the soil between the spaces of the roses.

8. Water again until the soil is moist.

9. Keep watering the roses twice a week before the sun is up or after the sun has gone down.

10. Note that the flower of the rose will die, but the leaf will remain green, and alive. The branch that hold the rose will turn brown and dry, this is okay. However, if the leaf dies, you may have a dead growth. That is where the other two roses come into play. At least one will survive, if proper care is taken.

11. Tend the roses over the years. The following year, the rose plant will bear more leaves. Roses may not bloom that same year, but the following spring it may.

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