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How to Grow Organic Roses

Many people think that to grow roses you have to use harsh pesticides and fungicides, but that's completely untrue. This article will explain the simple way to grow beautiful organic roses.

1. Research the breed of rose you would like to grow. Nowadays there are many types of hybrid roses (a cross between two breeds).

2. Once you have the breed you want find a local retailer who sells organic roses in the variety you want.

3. Before buying the plant decide whether you want to grow it in a pot or in the ground. It is easier to start a rose plant in a pot.

4. Purchase an organic fertilizer specifically for flowers or roses, a large pot of your choice (that has good drainage), and a good balanced organic soil.

5. Now you can buy a rose plant look for one that does not have any growth on it, this shows it has not been packaged for too long.

6. Plant your rose as soon as possible. Place in a sunny location.

7. Make sure to water your rose everyday and allow the excess water to drain. Roses need a lot of water.

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