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History of Aale Muhammad (pbuh) and Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.)


Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) was born in the year 55 AH. His mother was the daughter of Imam Hasan (a.s.) - Umme Abdillah. Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.) is the first Alavi, who was born of an Alavi couple. Besides being the Imam of his time, he was also the centre of religious and Quranic sciences. That is why he was addressed as Baqir Ilm al-Ilahi (means the splitter of divine knowledge). But the cruel rulers of Bani Umayyah stalled the spread of true and bright facts about this person. Therefore, he was compelled to take to a corner and was deprived of an opportunity whereby people would have benefited from his knowledge and information. So the knowledge and religious pronouncements of this Imam reached only to his family and close dependents.

"Apparently, this book was written before the destruction and desecration of the holy graves of Jannat al- Baqee at the hands of the tyrannical Wahhabi rulers. Hence, the mention of mausoleum and tombs."- Translator. He expired at the age of 63 in the year 118 A.H. and is buried in the graveyard of Baqee (Madinah). He had six sons and three daughters. Imam Ja'far Sadiq (a.s.) in his eldest son, others being Abdullah, Ali, Zaid, Ubaidullah and Ibrahim. Imamat and successorship is in Abu Abdullah Ja'far Sadiq (a.s.).

Adapted from: Analysis of the History of Aale Muhammad (pbuh)" by: "Qadi Bohlool Afandi"

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