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Hisham Bin Salim

Hisham b. Salim al- Jawaliqi al- 'Allaf reported traditions on the authority of Abu Abd Allah and Abu al- Hasan, peace be on them. He was among those whose debates were clear, who forced their enemies to surrender with the proof, and who showed men the way. And he was among those whom the Imams permitted to debate. If the Imams thought that he would make mistakes, they would not allow him to debate at that time when knowledge reached the maximum degree, the authority showed enmity toward ahl al Bayt, and his counterpart opposed him in the Imamate, rather in every art and knowledge.

Hisham was not only specialist in theology, but also was among the great jurists. The Imams praised him in many traditions. These traditions show us his great position and importance.

He was dispraised as the great supporters of ahl al Bayt and their reliable companions were dispraised. Also they showed a defect for a defect. Why were those great figures dispraised. Do not their enemies know that the true religion was established and the beliefs of ahl al Bayt appeared with their intense arguments and their decisive proofs? So, they (the reliable companions) were among the mujahidin in the way of Allah, whose keen tongues and proofs were able to face the armies, the rulers and their terrorism.

Adapted from: "Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.)"

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