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Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

These easy-to-follow diet and exercise tips will help you lose five pounds (or more) — and keep it off.

Lose five pounds fast with this simple exercise trick that cuts your cardio time down to just a half hour per day.

Low-Carb Pasta

If you're trying to lose five pounds, cook your pasta al dente. The longer the pasta cooks, the more the starch breaks down, raising the glycemic index.

Sleep More to Lose Weight

Add one hour of sleep to your schedule, and you could drop up to 14 pounds this year.

Best Diet Breakfast

The easiest thing you can do to lose five pounds is to start your morning with eggs instead of a bagel. You’ll curb cravings for the rest of the day!

Laugh Off 40 Calories

Watching your favorite laugh-out-loud movie or TV show can help you lose five pounds!

Spend Time at the Table

Losing five pounds can be as easy as spending time eating your meals. Research shows that eating slowly helps you consume fewer calories.

Listen to Lose Five Pounds

Listening to music can help you power through your workout and exercise longer. Losing five pounds is as easy as making a great iTunes workout playlist!

A Sweet, Healthy Snack

If you're craving sugar, try an almond stacked on top of a dried apricot — it tastes like a cookie. Really.

Lose Five Pounds by Eating In

Tired of cooking? We know how you feel. But before you order from your favorite take-out joint, know that meals prepared at home have significantly fewer calories.

Walk the Dog

Losing five pounds can be as easy as taking your dog for a walk! Dog owners walk twice as much as those without dogs.

Don't Guesstimate Calories

Craving popcorn? Read your labels closely. Sometimes different varieties of the same brand can have major differences in calories and fat.

Exercise Outdoors

If you want to lose five pounds, head outside for your next workout. Fresh air may lead you to work out more!

Go Online Before You Eat Out

Eating at restaurants doesn’t have to be lethal to your diet. You can find healthy menu choices at nearly 30,000 eateries.

Keep a Food Diary

Studies show that keeping a food journal doesn’t just aid weight loss — it turbo-charges it.

Chew Gum to Lose Weight

Chomping on gum burns 11 calories an hour (hey, every little bit helps) and can prevent you from taking “taste test” bites while you’re cooking.

Relax to Lose Weight

De-stressing can be a powerful way to lose five pounds. Research shows that daily relaxation techniques, like meditation or yoga, can help you drop weight!

Check Your Watch

Overeating is most likely to occur during the late afternoon and early evening hours, when stress levels are usually at their highest. Steer clear of the kitchen and vending machines during these times.

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