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Headache and Fasting

This is a common problem and has many causes. Headaches during a fast could commonly be due to dehydration or hunger, inadequate rest, or due to the absence of addictive substances such as caffeine or nicotine.

A moderate and balanced diet, especially not missing the pre-dawn meal, consuming adequate quantities of fluid and if necessary taking a dose of painkillers such as paracetamol, may all go a long way towards either preventing, or reducing the risk of developing a disabling headache. Headaches can be prevented by sensible measures, such as not exposing oneself to direct sunlight, wearing a hat when out, using sunglasses to reduce the effect of glare from the sun or relieving any tense muscles by a short gentle massage.

Those with a history of frequent and/or disabling migraines should aim to gain adequate control with lifestyle and/or medical treatment if required, prior to starting a fast.

Despite the above measures, if you has a persistent disabling headache, you should see a doctor.

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