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Hazrat Fatima Ma’soomah too intercedes

Fatima Ma’soomah too intercedes and the expanse of her intercession encompasses the entire history of Islam. The reason for qualification of Fatima Ma’soomah to intercede is explained in a tradition handed down from Prophet of Islam:

“He, who learns the Qur’an and safeguards the divine commandments, will be sent to Heaven by God Who will accept his/her intercession for ten relatives.”?

Imam Sadiq said: “when a virtuous person attains the age of 90, the Almighty God forgives his/her sins and accepts his/her intercessions for his/her relatives.”?

He also said: In the light of intercession of one of my followers a population greater than the number of Bani Tamim Tribe will go to Heaven.”?

Shaikh Mofid said: “A virtues and benevolent person intercedes with God for his or her friend and the Almighty God accepts the intercession. This viewpoint is accepted by the followers of the Infallible Imams.”?

The Holy Prophet said: “A believer can interceded for forty of his/her brothers or sisters.”?

According to the abovementioned traditions, it is clear that in the light of the widespread divine grace and also the celestial status of Fatima Ma’soomah (PBUH), she will intercede for the deserving Shias on the Day of Judgment.

Fatima Ma’soomah was herself a transmitter of Hadith. One of the traditions transmitted by her is known as Fatemiyat which is mentioned below. It is called Fatemiayt because the names of all transmitters of this tradition except two is Fatima. It was mentioned by Mohammad ibn Ahmad Chasthi Dagestani in Al-Lu’lu’ al-Thaminah fi-Athar al-Mu’an’anaht al-Marwiya published in Egypt.

The said tradition is given below:

The Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said: “He who dies while having the love of the Household of Mohammad in his heart, passes away as a martyr.”?

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