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Hamran Bin A'yun

Hamran b. A'yun al- Shaybany (the freed slave of ahl al Bayt, Zarara's brother) reported traditions on the authority of al- Bakir and al- Sadiq, peace be on them. He had a peerless position. So, concerning him, al- Baqir, peace be on him said: "You are among our followers (Shi'a) in here and hereafter. "Hamran is among the true believers. He never apostatizes." Also concerning him, al- Sadiq, peace be on him, said: "By Allah, he died as a believer." "Hamran is a believer. He is among the people of Paradise. He never entertains doubts (about his thought), no, by Allah! No, by Allah!" "I have found no one to hear my words and obey my order and Imitate the companions of my grandfathers except two men, may Allah have mercy on them. They were Abd Allah b. Abu Ya'fur and Hamran b. A'yun. Indeed they were two loyal believers of our followers (Shi'a)" "My grandfathers and I are the best intercessor for Hamran b. A'yun on the Day of Judgment. We will take him by the hand and will not part him till we all enter Paradise." "Hamran is a believer. He never apostatizes."

Hamran not only was a jurist but also was a theologian, knower the Koran by heart, linguist, and grammarian.

Adapted from: "Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.)"

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