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Hadrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.) on the Day of Judgment

On The Day the oppressed shall bite their hands (in fear); the oppressors shall be gathered in humiliation and lowliness, remembering their disgraceful and shameful deeds. Then every one of them shall review his file, which is packed with oppression against his chosen worshippers.
On that Day shall every human, whatever colour, creed, faith, and his deeds may be shall be gathered... no one will be left behind...even the foetus who was the victim of abortion shall come that Day to present his case...

Then the great personality of Lady Zahra (A) shall become manifest to every soul...

Following narration is reported by Ahlul Bayt (A) regarding Fatima (A) on the Last Day:

1. Hakim reported in Al Mustadrak v.2, p.153 that Ali (S) said: "I heard the Prophet say: "On the Day of Rising, a caller shall announce from beyond the veil: "O gathered people, lower your eyes so that Fatima, the Daughter of Muhammad, may pass."

This narration has also been reported by: Ibn Al Athir in Usd Al-Ghaba v.5, p.523; Ganji Shafiee in Kifayat At-Talib p. 212; Dhahabi in Mizan Al-Etedal v.2, p.18; and by Hamwini in Yanabi' Al-Mawaddah p.104, who added the following to it: Ali (A) reported that the Prophet said: "On the Day of Rising, a caller shall call from the sole of the Throne: "O people of Resurrection, cast your eyes down, so that Fatima Bint Muhammad may pass while holding Al Hussain's shirt, which will (still) be saturated with blood.'

She will then embrace the leg of the Throne and say: "O (Allah), You are the Omnipotent and Just; pass the judgment between me and those who killed my son." (The Prophet (S) added): "Then He shall judge according to my Sunnah, by the Lord of Kaaba.

Fatima will then say: "O Allah! grant me antecedence for everyone who cried for his disaster; Allah will then grant her antecedence for them."

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