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Hadrat Abbas (A.S.) in the Holy Imam's Sight

The Immaculate Imams are the representatives of God, the successors of His Prophet and the leaders that God has assigned for people so as to make distinction between the right and the wrong. They, peace be upon them, praised many persons and, also, condemned many others, each according to his deeds. On that account, they described Al-Abbas, with the finest words of praise, appreciation, and commendation, and showed their admiration for his heroic situations for defending Islam. He, however, has occupied the hearts and feelings of the great personalities and has become the melody of the free people all over history.

Let us now refer to some of the medals that the Immaculate Imams (a) conferred upon al-Abbas:


We have already mentioned that Imam Ali (a) foretold about the personality and future of al-Abbas when he was one-day old. In many other situations, Imam Ali (a) foretold that his son would shoulder the responsibility of protecting the harem of his brother and would sacrifice himself for his religion and belief.

These predictions are regarded as commendations for al-Abbas whose mission was divinely identified and prepared. He did not disappoint his father when he accomplished his mission as completely as possible to the last spark of his life.


Historian have narrated many reports showing the close, unique relation between al-Abbas and his brother, Imam al-Hussein (a) who addressed to him a word showing the great rank that al-Abbas occupied in his brother's mentality:

In one of the many situations in Karbala, Imam al-Hussein said to his brother al-Abbas: "Ride on, may I be your sacrifice."

When al-Abbas breathed his last breaths while his head was on the knees of Imam al-Hussein (a), the latter declared with deeply sad tone: "Now, my spine is broken, and I have become helpless, and my enemies are rejoicing at my misfortune."

This word expresses the real position that al-Abbas was occupying for his brother.


Imam Zayn ul-Abidin is one of the founders of true piety and virtue of Islam. Historians have reported that he used to seek Allah's mercy for his uncle, al-Abbas, and used to refer to him with the finest words of admiration and commendation. Listen to the following valuable word of the Imam (a):
"Allah may have mercy upon my uncle, al-Abbas. He preferred his brother to himself, did well, and sacrificed himself for his brother until he lost his two hands for sake of such. Thus, Allah, instead of his two hands, will give him two wings with which he will fly with the angels in Paradise, just like Ja'far ibn Abi-Talib. In the sight of Allah the Blessed the Exalted, al-Abbas enjoys a peculiar rank for which all the shahids will hope if they had its like on the day of Resurrection." (al-Khissal; 1/35)
The previous statement of Imam Zayn ul-Abidin (a) includes the most significant sacrifices that al-Abbas did towards his brother; Imam al-Hussein (a). For sake of his brother, al-Abbas sacrificed his two hands and went on resisting until he was felled.

For these great sacrifices, God will grant al-Abbas an unparalleled rank that all martyrs will wish if they had its like.


Imam as-Sadiq (a) used to praise his uncle al-Abbas and pay tributes to his heroic situations during the battle of at-Taff:

"My uncle al-Abbas was clear-sighted and steadfastly faithful. He fought with his brother al-Hussein, did very well, and was martyred." Thakheerat ud-Darein,p 123) )

Imam as-Sadiq, in the previous statement, refers to the noblest characteristics that al-Abbas enjoyed.

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