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Habeeb bin Muzahir - Part 3


In the morning, Muharram 10th, Imam Husayn [a] and his companions said their prayers.

Imam Husayn [a] prepared his companions for the battle. He divided them into three small groups: Zuhair bin al-Qain headed the right wing. Habib bin Mudhahir headed the left wing, and al-Abbas, the Imam's brother, headed the core.

Imam Husayn [a] rode his she-camel and stood before Yazeed's Army. He preached and advised them. He warned them of committing such a crime. All Imam Husayn's efforts were in vain. Satan led Yazeed's fighters astray. So, they forgot Allah.

The Battle

Yazeed's army began attacking Imam Husayn's army, throwing many arrows at them.

Imam Husayn [a] said to his companions: Good companions, stand up for death!

The two sides met for the first time in a small clash. The clash was over and the Imam's companions came back to their places.

Then Yazeed's Army launched savage attacks against the Imam Husayn's companions.

Imam Husayn's companions resisted the attacks bravely. Some of them fell over the ground and died martyrs for the Prophet's grandson.

Muslim dies a Martyr

Amru bin al-Hajjaj began a big attack. Imam Husayn's companions faced the attack and fought bravely.

Muslim bin Ausajah, a companion of the Imam's, was fighting with enthusiasm. Then he was badly wounded and fell over the ground.

Imam Husayn [a] saw Muslim lying on the ground. He and Habib bin Mudhahir attacked Yazeed's Army. They saved Muslim bin Ausajah from them. Muslim was about to die.

Imam Husayn [a] sadly said: Muslim, may Allah have mercy upon you. I'm giving you good news about the Paradise.

Muslim answered faintly: May Allah give you good news!

Habib said: I wish I could listen to your will, but I'll die after you.

Muslim looked at Habib. Then he looked at Imam Husayn [a] and said: Habib, I ask you to die for Husayn!

By the Lord of Kaaba, I will!


On that day, Habib was full of happiness. His face was smiling.

A companion of Habib's wondered and asked him: Why are you happy?

Habib answered: I'm happy because I'll be killed and enter the Paradise!

Final Prayers

The fights went on till noon. A companion of Imam Husayn's looked at the sun. He knew that it was time to pray.

Imam Husayn [a] asked Yazeed's Army to stop fighting to say their prayers.

Al-Husayn bin Numair said to Imam Husayn [a]

Husayn, Allah won't accept your prayers!

Habib bin Mudhahir said stormily: Donkey! Will Allah accept your prayers, but won't accept the prayers of the Prophet's grandson?

The End

Al-Husayn bin Numair was full of spite. He whipped his horse and attacked Habib. Habib faced him. He hit al-Husayn's horse on the face. So, al-Husayn bin Numair fell over the ground. Many fighters rushed to save al-Husayn bin Numair. Habib clashed and fought them bravely.

In spite of his old age, Habib could kill over sixty fighters. When the fight became strong, a fighter threw a spear at Habib. So, Habib fell over the ground and became a martyr.

Thus the brave companion's life was over. He spent all his life waging holy war for Islam.

Al-Husayn bin Numair was not satisfied with killing Habib. He took his head and tied it to his horse's neck. Then he began roaming through Yazeed's fighters. He was boasting of his bad action.

Imam Husayn [a] tried to save Habib, but he got there late. So, his eyes shed tears. He sadly said: We belong to Allah and we shall come back to Him.

Imam Husayn [a] came back to his camp. He was sad because he lost the closest and the most loyal companion.

In the Believers' Hearts

Today Muslims all over the world go to Karbala to visit Imam Husayn [a]. In the distance, they can see a high gold dome and high minarets.

When a Muslim enters the holy shrine full of perfume, he will find a tomb near Imam Husayn's tomb. That tomb belongs to Habib bin Mudhahir, Bani Asad's leader, and the master of the loyal.

The visitor to Imam Husayn [a] must greet his companion and say:

Peace be upon Habib bin Mudhahir al-Asady.

Adapted from the book: "The Companions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w)"

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