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Gym Safety Tips

Gym Safety Tips

If you work out at the gym, the list below will help you lower transmission of germs and lower your risk of an injury.

  • Warm up before aerobic activity.
    1. Aerobic activity is any repetitive exercise that increases you heart rate.
  • Stretch.
    1. Stretch before and after aerobic activity to help prevent injuries.
  • Do not exercise too intensly.

1. A longer, more moderate workout is more effective than a short, intense one.
  • Do not lean heavily on the stair-stepper rails
    1. Leaning heavily on the stair-stepper rails will put a lot of unnecessary weight on your wrists and back. Unnecessary leaning can cause injuries to your writsts and back.
  • Drink water during your workout.
    1. Drinking water will help reduce your chances of becoming dehydrated. Dehydration reduces performance.
  • Do not jerk weights.
    1. Jerking weights can cause your muscles to jerk which puts them at risk for injury.
  • Do not lift too much weight
    1. Lift weights that are comfortable to you and gradually increase.
  • Wipe down machines before and after use
    1. Wipe down machines will help reduce your risk of catching a virus.
  • Cool down after you have finished your main workout program.
  • Do not leave equipment lying around the weight room
    1. Someone could trip over misplaced gym equipment.
  • Wash your hands before going home
    1. Wash your hands with warm soapy water to help kill germs that you may have picked up from some of the machines.
  • Do not take large sums of cash to the gym and leave in your car or locker.
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