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Exercise Retreat Vacations

Exercise Retreat Vacations

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a super jock to take and exercise retreat vacation. An active, fitness oriented vacation is a perfect choice for anyone who is seeking adventure, fitness training or both. Exercise retreats are also a great idea for anyone who needs to jump-start their fitness regimen. The staff members at these retreats are generally pretty knowledgeable. They can help you get your fitness regimen started on the right track. Additionally, these retreats often feature excellent information about nutrition. You can get great ideas about how to cook some healthy and delicious meals.

Another benefit of an exercise retreat vacation is that it gives you the opportunity to sample a variety of fitness methods. If you have been stuck in a fitness routine that is getting boring, trying a different form of workout can prevent exercise burn out. Varying your routines can also help rev up a workout regimen that is no longer giving you the same results.

There are two types of exercise retreat vacations: the traditional spa and the adventure fitness vacation. Additionally, some spas focus more on pampering, while others offer a more down to earth experience. At Rancho La Puerto in Tecate, Mexico, guests are briefed on the Six Facets of Fitness. These include:
  1. Aerobic Workouts
  2. Strengthening and Toning Workouts
  3. Stretching and Flexibility
  4. Coordination and Balance
  5. Relaxation, which includes steam room, sauna, etc.
  6. Personal Rewards, which includes massage and facials
If you are looking for an upscale exercise vacation retreat, Canyon Ranch, in Tucson Arizona and Lennox MA., is an excellent option. In addition to a variety of spa, hiking and fitness activities, Canyon Ranch has a number of specialized programs for wellness and longevity.

The New Age health Spa in Neversink, New York is an exercise retreat vacation with a spiritual slant. Their Cayuga Yoga and Meditation Center is used for spiritual practice. A variety of yoga and other healing art practices are taught at this retreat.

Some people may prefer an exercise retreat vacation that specializes in a specific type of sport. If you are an avid hiker, check out the Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa at Ainsworth Hot Springs on Kootenay Lake, British Columbia. In addition to daily treks throughout the mountains of B.C., they offer a unique weight loss program called Fitness Plan Plus.

If you are a skier who is interested in ski fitness, you may want to check out the annual Epicski Academy. The event, which features ski instruction by the top coaches in the country, changes location each year. Included in the fee is an emailed ski-fitness program, daily ski-fitness workshop, and foam roller stretch/massage after skiing.

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