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Fraternization among the Muslims

The Holy Qur’an says: (The believers are but brethren, therefore make peace between your brothers and be careful of (your duty to) Allah that mercy may be had on you.) 49:10.

Therefore the Prophet (s) directed the believers to brotherly, two by two, in an agreement of fraternization. The Prophet (s) fraternized between every two Muslims except Ali, who remained alone. He became depressed for that. The Prophet said to him: “You are but my own brother and you are to me as Aaron was to Moses, but no Prophet will come after me”. This is mentioned by many historians. 3

This reliable tradition was an essential argument of the Shia to prove the immediate succession of Imam Ali (s) after the Prophet's death.

In the second year of Hijrah Imam Ali (s) got married to Fatima, the only daughter of the Prophet. She, because of her steady belief in God, her chastity and her virtuousness was unique among all classes of people. The Prophet (s) had a great respect for her. She was requested to give her hand for marriage by some men of importance but Mohammad would not accede to their requests. In reply to the suitors, he used to say: “I am waiting for a call from the Heaven in regard to her marriage”.


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Adopted from the book : "Imam Ali (a.s.); Sunshine of Civilized Islam" by : "Muhammad Huseyn Tahmasebi"

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