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Fire of Allah

The fire of Hotama has appeared as wrath of Allah and as retribution, because of a set of inconsistencies which the Quran has enumerated as slander and back-biting, complete engrossment in the accumulation of wealth, and wealth worship.

The intensity of flame, magnitude of fire and extent of destruction is so great that, it could reasonably be attributed to the name of Allah. Hiroshima bomb developed a temperature of million degrees C. Normal High Yield bombs develop temperature of an order of tens of millions of degrees C, while for the triggering of Thermonuclear bombs the temperatures developed are of the order of hundreds of millions C. Such temperatures are not of earthly but of solar and stellar nature. The earliest commentators of the Quran justly defined Al-Hotama, as " a kind of a hell in which whatever is cast is reduced to powder, through the sheer intensity of the flame".

Barely a couple of pounds of Uranium-235 liberates energy equivalent to twenty thousand tons of TNT. A thousand Kilograms of Uranium-235 that is one metric ton, would liberate energy equivalent to twenty million tons of TNT. This last means an energy of the order of large scale natural phenomena like hurricanes and earthquakes. The explosion energy produced by a single 15 megaton thermonuclear bomb far exceeds all the explosive energy produced in the whole human history united.

Whereas the heat-flash, its subsequent fires, and the blast of a single 20 megaton thermonuclear bomb destroy largest cities in the world, the radioactive fallout of such a bomb would lay waste areas equal to states: to wit an area a little less than five hundredth part of the whole surface of the earth. Five hundred such bombs therefor would devastate the whole of the earth, so that unfortunate survivals if any, would envy the doom of those dead, in a dungeon horrible on all sides round as a huge furnace flamed, but from those flames no light but rather darkness visible, to discover sights of worry, regions of sorrow, doleful shades, where peace and rest can never dwell, hope never comes, that comes to all, but rather an endless torture still urges in a fiery deluge fed with ever-burning uranium unconsumed.

The ionizing radiations of Nuclear energy whether generated with peaceful views or for war purposes are always there and are fatal to human health. So that by and by humanity would be turned into cancer ridden freaks. No remedy has hitherto been found for the perils of radioactivity.

Adapted from: "Prophecy Of The Atomic Hell" by: "Tebyan"

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