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Descreptipn Of Hotama (ATOMIC HELL)

In this brief, very brief chapter I will not be able toshow more than a mere glimpse of all that which I have to show to this world, aworld which according to a factual, scientific analysis is surely doomed to aruin, a universal ruin in the flames of the atomic hell, naturally , justly,deservedly. This world inspite of all the wishful thinking, optimism andostriching must either vanish suddenly under the hails of atomic weapons,deservedly, or perish slowly, lingeringly, miserably under the swarms of theatomic radiations, also, deservedly. No protection from either the atomic bombsor the atomic radiations is a possibility.

No peace treaties will be ofever-lasting avail in an atmosphere of ever-increasing and never abating anduniversal anarchy till the scientific process of this modern Baconian atomismworking in accordance with unfailing and inexorable natural lawshas reached its final stage and burst into the flames,all-consuming flames of all atomic hell, atomism via atom to atomic hell. Sucha surmise, if it appears so terrible, so pessimistically denunciative, then letit be known, that Late Bertrand Russel too had arrived at the same conclusionin 1964 when he communicated to me a single sentence which read:-

"Since Adam and Eve ate the apple, man has never abstained from any follythat he was capable of, and the end is atomic bomb". Thus to BertrandRussel this world was doomed to the atomic ruin.I too like Bertrand Russelwould have died in disappointment about the end of this mankind. But mydiscovery of the prophetic warning of the Quran about the atomic hell in theyear 1961 rescued me from the similar fate, and thereby I realized that anescape from the atomic ruin was a possibility for this mankind in the light ofthat warning which was in the Quran, and which was by the sheer Grace ofAlmighty Allah exposed to me, and is hitherto known to neither a Muslim nor anon-Muslim anywhere in the world.

That an antique book fourteen centuries in the past, should treat the subjectof atomic science, and scientifically characterize the nuclear phenomenongiving such characteristics of the atomic phenomenon as distinguish it from therest of the phenomena, chemical, and electrical is something which wouldcome as no mild surprise to the modern atomist and radio-biologist,while the fact that the same book, in the same era and in the same contextshould characterize the culture of modern Baconian atomism is something whichwould cast the modern philosopher in reverie. And again, that the same book inthe same passage should constitute a link between the atomism and theatomic hell that is the atomic bombs and atomic radiations would leave anAristotle and a Plato, the two celebrated antagonists of atomism aghast withwonder.

The affair is such that serves as an outstanding example to show thedifference between the human and divine intellect. The difference which theintellects of the calibre of Einstein, Russel, Aristotle and Plato, would bestsee, they themselves being some of the most outstanding intellects among thehuman beings.

This prophetic warning of the Quran thus is the only hope in thisall-pervading, a universal and ever-increasing darkness in a world whichwilly-nilly is being dragged towards the brink of the atomic hell to beconsumed. It was on 5th May 1980 that I in good faith dispatched an articlecontaining the characterization of atomic phenomenon by the Quran, to fifteenof the leading physicists all over the world for attestation and on promisethat in case the characterization was attested as correct, I would declare tothe world the name of the book as well as the formula of neutralizing theatomic bombs and atomic radiations as may be formulated from the text of thepassage concerned. Following is the list of the names of these celebrities:-

1. Dr.Edward Teller, the well-known maker of thehydrogen bomb.
2. Mr.GeraldFrederick tape, M.Sc., Ph.D.
3. Mr.Wolfgang Kurt Hermann Panofsky, A.B, Ph.D. All thethree of America.
4. SirDenys Haigh Wilkinson, K.T.D.Sc, Ph.D. Sc.D. F.R.S. Universityof Sussex.
5. RendelSabastian Pease, M.A.D.Sc., FRS.
6. SirArthur Vick. K.T. OBE, D.Sc. Ph.D. LLD,DCL, F Inst P.FIEE, MRIA, All the three of Great Britain.
7. StatensKarnkraft Inspecktion, stockholm Sweden.
8. International Atomic Energy Karntner, ViennaAustria.
9. RobertPompe of Germany.
10. Jacques Yvon of France.
11. Nobufusa Saito DSc.
12. Yukawa hideki DSc.
13. Sasaki Yoshitake.All the three of Japan.
14. Andrey DmitriyevickKakarov of USSR.
15. The ChairmanDepartment of atomic energy Government of India.

The response was, that Shirely Petty Secretary to Dr. Tellersent back the article that I may be able send it to someone else, for Dr.Teller was on extended travel and would be traveling most of the rest of theyear also.

R.S. Pease of England, and Lennart Gillijan of Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate,acknowledged the receipt of my letter. Others assumed reticence. Why? Thisrecalls to my mind the case of Muller. H.J. Muller to whom is due the profound,epoch making discovery of the induction of mutations by ionizing radiation in1927. It is a curious commentary on our times that Muller's paper, originallyprepared for the "Geneva Conference on the Peaceful Use of atomicenergy" (August 1955) could not be presented and discussed at theconference. Why? Because the discovery in question was regarded as detrimentalto those who wanted to move on the path of atomic energy with eyes closedagainst the hazards. The same, though in a far greater degree, could be said ofmy discovery. My offer, however, still holds good to the entire community ofthe atomists all over the world. Herein is opened a new and novel vista ofresearch for the scientist and the philosopher with the hope of redemption ofthis mankind from a most grievous and most painful doom in the flames of theatomic hell.

Although it is for the eminent physicists and Radio-biologists to reallyappreciate the characterization of the atomic phenomenon, yet the measure ofcomplexity is not such that would make the whole thing incomprehensible to aman of average education and understanding. We will now read the entire text ofthe prophecy which is as follows:-

"Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth(of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that hiswealth will render him immortal. Nay, for, verily he will be cast intoAl-Hotama. And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is kindled fire ofAllah which leapeth up on to the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them inoutstretched columns" (Quran 104 - Al -Homaza).

Now the characteristic features of the atomic phenomenon according to the Quranare:

1. That itis crusher, for the term Hotama literally means a crusher.
2. That itis fire and is fire of Allah.
3. That itis a fire which leaps up on to the hearts.
4. That itis a fire which is closed in on them.
5. That itraises outstretched columns.

6. And thatit is a phenomenon too complex andterrible, just as is apparent from the question, what could teach thee whatAl-Hotama is?These and exactly these are the characteristics of the nuclearphenomenon, and are the characteristics which distinguish the nuclearphenomenon from all the rest of the phenomena, chemical, and electrical. Wehave now to show in the light of atomic science that these are exactly thecharacteristics of the atomic phenomenon. The Quran has said:-

"Al-Hotama. And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is fire ofAllah enkindled which leaps up on to the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in onthem in outstretched columns".

We will treat these points one by one, believing that those among you whodo not know atomic science will also be able to follow the theme. The validityof the facts of atomic science included could be confirmed by the atomist aswell as the text books of atomic science.

1. TheQuran says " Hotama". Hotama is a pure Arabic word derivedfrom the root-verb Hatama, which means "to break something intopieces" or "to shatter it". Hotama is a descriptive noun andmeans "a breaker or crusher". That the Quran should call a fire bythe name of breaker would at once call to the mind of the scientist the Germanterm 'BREMSSTRAHLUNG" which literally meant "breaking radiation"and was applauded as highly descriptive by the atomists when first coined bythe German for continuous spectrum of rays. Not only this, but it has to beobserved that the characteristics of breaking or crushing is one of theseparticular characteristics of the atomic phenomenon which distinguish it fromall the rest of the phenomena, chemical, and electrical.

Mark the atomic energyappearing by breaking the binding of the atomic nucleus. Atomic and only theatomic energy is generated in this manner and none other. Not only this,but further, the atomic phenomenon may be regarded as the absolute crusher, since its breaking and crushing is of an absolute nature. Atoms oncecrushed could not be reconstructed by a method of synthesis. Nucleus oncedisintegrated could not be rearranged in its original form by any means ormethods.

So completely absolute is the crushing involved in the atomic actionsand reactions that the destruction of both the basic building block of theuniverse, that is atom, and basic unit of life, that is the cell is involved. Thisagain is a characteristic which distinguishes the atomic phenomenon from allthe rest. Not only this, but further the atomic radiations that are inherent inthe very nature of the atomic phenomenon, show the identical trait of breakingand crushing. In inanimate matter they break the atomic nuclei and causetransmutations of atoms by changing the form of the nuclei. In living bodies,they attack the cell nucleus and break the chromosomes thereof.

The heat flash of the atomic bomb explosion falls with a crushing impact likelightening on the body and kills the heart of its victim with the shock. Theblast of the atomic bomb is terrible crusher of structures, while theradiations of the atomic bomb explosion carry out the process of crushing inthe usual way. The first two features may be observed in the conventional bombsalso. But what is the crushing wrought by the conventional bombs to thatwrought by the atomic bomb.

This trait, that of breaking and crushing on the part of atomic phenomenon maybe observed with conspicuity in all the standard text books of atomic physicsthat may be found replete with terms like" bombarding, crushing, smashing,hitting, breaking" etc. in the description of the actions and reactions ofatomic phenomenon. Likewise the standard text books of Radio- biology may befound replete with phrases like " Target concept, direct action, indirectaction, snapping the cable with a bullet, breaking the chromosomes," andsentences like" radiations hit the cells like sledge hammer and crushthem", while describing the actions and reactions of radiations to thismay be added the words of Rutherford that expressed his astonishment at thecrushing trait of the atomic particles. After his famous experiment in which hehad bombarded the gold foil with alpha particles, he wrote in his diary, "It was as incredible as if you fired a 15 inch shell at a piece of tissue paperand it came back and hit you. It was the most incredible moment that everhappened to me in my life".

Lastly back to the question of the phonetic and functional identityexisting between the word atomic and Quran's Hotamic. The former being coinedor adopted by the scientist and the latter by the Quran. Atom no longer meanssomething indestructible, while Hotama of the Quran means a destroyer and bothare concerned with the act of breaking. Do mark the sound of the two words! Itappears to be one word. Is this then a mere coincident? No. the exactcharacterization of the atomic phenomenon by the Quran excludes thepossibility. Rather it appears that he who coined the term Hotama, had beforehis eyes, indeed supernatural penetrating eyes, the entire theme of atomicphenomenon and all the future ages.

The term Hotama being neither Greek norEnglish enhances the wonder at being so similar a term as atomic even in theArabic tongue. What other name could be given to this fact if not a miracle?The tremendousness of the crushing capacity of the atomic bomb and atomicradiation is as conspicuously great that needs no allusion.

The Quran says" Hotama is fire of Allah enkindled". This point involves no complexity. Atomic phenomenon produces energy. Energy produces heat. Heat produces fire. The association of fire with atomic bombs and radiations is a well known fact. But why Allah should associate this particular fire with His own name is the question! The colossal magnitude of atomic fire as well as its incredibly high temperatures might be the consideration. Again if this mankind is consumed eventually by the flames of the atomic bombs or the effects of radiations, as retribution, then rightly this fire may be regarded as the wrath of Allah enkindled. This is a fact which takes the mind of every thoughtful man to the causes and the effects of this great problem. Will this mankind be able to avoid the atomic war for ever or will it be able to guard itself from the hazards that are apparently incident on the existence of the factor of atomic radiation, are the questions that demand the attention of every man that is endowed with the faculty of thinking.

3. The Quran says" Hotama is a fire which leaps up on to the hearts". Here then is a characteristic of the atomic phenomenon which may be regarded as one most distinctively characteristic and the one, that distinguishes the atomic phenomenon from every other. But this point of the Quran is proved by merely calling the atomic phenomenon by its characteristic name that of : "The nuclear phenomenon". The nuclear phenomenon is called as nuclear because its actions appear in the nucleus (heart) of the atom.

That, in no other phenomena, chemical or electrical , the actions take place in the nucleus of the atom is well known. The nucleus therein in all non-atomic phenomena remains untouched to the end. But how the point of leaping up onto the hearts is proved, is the question! The Quran has used the word, "Hearts" while the scientist has used the word, "Nucleus". But the scientist himself uses the word" heart" for the nucleus. The heart with nucleus thus is a synonym. The Quran has not spoken amiss. That the scientist frequently and most aptly uses the word heart to signify the nucleus, may be found in the standard text books on atomic physics. Two out of scores of examples will suffice:-

a). "Each fast particle comes from the break-up of the very heart of the single atom (the nucleus) of the radioactive material". (Vide Physics: Physical science study committee ---second edition-----D.C.Heath and Company Lexinton, Massachusetts, July 1965, pages 130). b). "How many nuclear heart-beats are in the life-time of a radioactive nucleus which lasts only billionth of a second".

(Ibid: Page 21. Short problems). Edward Teller spoke in the year 1939, of taking energy from the heart of the atom. The entire field of action of the atomic that is : the nuclear phenomenon, is within the nuclei of the atoms. The fission as well as the fusion process both take place within the nuclei of the atoms of the fissile and fusile material. The best spectacle, however, of the leaping up on to the hearts that is the nuclei, and the best proof of the word of the Quran may be seen in the case of the Thermonuclear action, wherein the heat produced in the inner fission device is being directed on to the hearts, that is the nuclei of the outer fusile material. Remarkable in itself is the Term " Thermonuclear" in its purport. It clearly means a fire which leaps up on to the nuclei that is the hearts.

The atomic radiations not only show the nuclear characteristics by having their actions within the nuclei, whether in inanimate matter or whether in the living body, but further by showing a particular attraction for the heart or whatever in the body is related to the heart. They present the point of the Quran touching the heart in a manner so quaintly suggestive as deserves the notice of scientist. Radiations affect the coordination of the function at a level where it is beyond the control of the brain, Bone-marrow and all the blood-forming organs are more sensitive to the effects of radiations than the brain, the nerves and the muscles.

Multi-cellular organisms are more sensitive to radiation than the unicellular. This fact may be attributed to the better development of the circulatory and respiratory system of the multicellular organisms. The blood relation of the circulatory and respiratory systems with heart is known. The action of radiations is retarded in the absence of oxygen and again the blood relation of oxygen with heart is known. Heat flash of the atomic bomb kills its victim through shock to the heart. Mark the factor of blood relation in all these above mentioned instances.

4. The Quran says "Hotama is a fire closed in on them". The atomic phenomenon shows encompassing characteristics distinctly. The fallout enclosures of the local and global kind, the tenacity of the bone-seeking radioactive materials, the appearance of cancer six to thirty years after the exposure to radiation, the appearance of the effects of radiation on the cell in anaphase inspite of the attack of radiation on the cell in its resting stage, the encompassment of the whole body by radiation inspite of the irradiation of one organ only, the survival of the lethally irradiated frogs for many months instead of dying in the usual time interval of three to six weeks if kept in a dormant state at a low temperature just above freezing point,

conditional to the appearance of radiation symptoms as soon as the frogs are warmed up and then the occurrence of their death in the usual time interval that of three to six weeks, and Alexander Haddow's suggestion that the cancer-producing action of the cancer-producing substances might be the result of prolonged interference with normal growth, and the encompassment of mankind to generations by radiation, even to the point of extinction through long-term radio-genetic effects, and thereafter the encompassment of the earth by radiation for millions of years due to the wide-spread radioactive substances, and also the encompassment of earth by radiation in the age of full fledged atomic energy for peace, are some of the facts that indicate the distinct encompassing features of the atomic phenomenon.

5. The Quran says" Outstretched columns". Besides the symbolically distinctive features of the outstretched column associated with the atomic bomb explosion, the world of radioactivity may be seen as a world of columns. The 4 centimeter rise of an alpha particle if seen in comparison to its tiny size with the height it has assumed, may be regarded as to have constituted a column. The cosmic rays may be regarded to have risen in columns whose dizzying heights might cause them mind to reel.

The Quran says "What could teach thee what Al-Hotama is?" Judging from the complexity of the nuclear science the same question may be put to the nuclear scientist and the answer would invariably be. Nothing. The terribleness of the atomic phenomenon is besides. Now if this characterization of the atomic phenomenon, the most complex of the natural phenomena is correct, and it certainly is correct, then what reason there remains for a scientist to deny the possibility of a miracle. How he could deny this miracle of the Quran. Again if none other than God himself could know the phenomenon of the atomic hell at the time when the Quran was revealed, then surely no more irrefutable proof of the divine original of the Quran could be needed.

We cannot leave the first part of this warning of the Quran about the atomic hell un-mentioned, for both the parts form an indissoluble entity and are interlinked inseparably. Also the topic cannot be completed without the treatment of the warning in ToTo. The text of the first part of the warning is:-

" Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast in to Al-Hotama".

Herein then may be found the character-ization of this culture of modern science guided Baconian atomism. These characteristics, namely, slander, engrossment in wealth accumulation, and a faith in the eternity of this process of wealth-accumulation are not only the particular characteristics of this modern Baconian culture, but also form the basic cause of the appearance of the atomic hell, that is atomic bombs and atomic radiations. Indeed Aristotle and Plato, though strongly antagonistic to the theory of Atomism, could not have seen so far as to find a link between atomism and atomic bombs. Here again is a point which differentiates between the greatest of the human intellects and the divine intelligence. Quran could see so far.

We will now show that the characteristics before-mentioned are exactly the characteristics of this modern culture of Baconian atomism.

1. The Quran says" Back-biter defamer". This is the age of slander, universal slander which has been intellectualized and named propaganda. This is a peculiar feature of this age.

2. The Quran says" He amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future)". No better description could be made of this modern, science-guided, continuous, systematic, organized, ever-increasing, infinite and universal process of wealth-accumulation and its systematic arrangement for future, known by the name of progress. This is a peculiar and particular feature of this age.

3. The Quran says, " He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal". Mark the faith of this age in the infinite continuity of this progress through five yearly plans to the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. And see their solicitude about the continuity and stability of the monuments of progress and property. They behave as if they have to live for ever in this world.

4. The Quran says," Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama (the atomic hell)". Atomic hell (the atomic bombs and atomic radiations) is the inescapable, logical end of these characteristics. The notion of eternity on the part of the backbiting wealth accumulator is thus falsified. The people of this particular age, even if they escape the atomic war and atomic radiations, they will not escape the Hotama, that is the atomic hell of the next eternal world, because the causes of both this transient atomic hell and the eternal atomic hell ( Al-Hotama) are the same. This transient atomic hell of this world is the representation of the eternal Hotama of the next eternal world.

This warning of the Quran is the only hope of this mankind and is as the Noah's Ark for this deluge of atomic fire. No anti-atomic movement in the world can achieve success nor a religion could be completely promulgated without adopting the guidelines appearing in this warning. This 36 word prophetic warning of the Quran has taken me nineteen years to treat, and now the following volumes in English are ready with me for publication, as a test of the Muslim and the non-Muslim world.

Fourteen volumes in Urdu languages are besides these in English, on various topics. I have written letters in this respect to the King of Saudi Arabia, and to Ayatullah Khumaini of Iran, and to the Secretary General of UNO and to His Holiness Pope Paul II and to Allamah Mohammed Asad Tangier, and to the Presidents of Libya, America and Russia, and to the Prime Ministers of India, Canada and Japan, and to the Sheikhs of Arab Emirates. The Replies of Pope and the Prime Minister of Canada I have received from the rest I am awaiting an answer.

The Question arises, why a man in my position and my circumstances should submit to such a torturous ordeal for forty years for nothing? The answer to this question is that in 1942, my 25th and the year of Fermi's successful realization of Uranium Fission Chain Reaction in Chicago, I was in Mussayyib in Iraq recommended by the Green Turbaned Saint Al-Khidhr to Abraham for the Abrahamic mission in a dream.

The mission ultimately proved to be that of warning this mankind against the hazards of atomic hell. And it is my conviction that this mankind will be saved from the atomic doom, I at the time of my dream had but negligibly meager knowledge, but thereafter like a man proposed I learned languages, literatures, philosophies, sciences and scripture, indeed without a school or a teacher, and was throughout obliged to work for living. No Bunyan could find a heart to narrate this forty year long afflictive pilgrimage, nor a Freud could find a method to subject my intellectual achievements to psycho-analysis.

I have no claim on my dream. Rather let my work be read.A conference of the eminent atomists and Radiobiologists, and the publication of these volumes is the necessity. Difficulties are great, but God be on my side to help. My appeal in this connection is to entire mankind for the sake of their children and their childrens; children. Einstein in 1939 invited the attention of Roosevelt toward the possibility of making a bomb a million times more powerful than the conventional bomb I now invite the attention of the elite to a possibility of destroying that bomb for the safety of mankind.

Benjamin Creme of London, sought his Christ, Lord Maitreya in Bricklane, East London among the Pakistani community, and could not find him there. It was the mission of stopping the third world war that Benjamin Creme had assigned to his expected Christ. Declining outright any such title or nomenclature precedence I declare to this mankind my mission which is the annulment of the possibility of atomic ruin of the world. An Astrologer of Pakistan by the name of Ghazi Munajim has declared the presence of a spiritual personality like that of Benjamin Creme's Lord Maitreya in the Punjab itself, a province of Pakistan, but cannot tell who or where, yet believes that his presence itself will set the things aright in the world. I say a substantial process and a revolution will be necessary to save this world from the atomic ruin.

And now before I bring this chapter to its end, let me point to a very relevant and yet very strange coincidence, It was in September 1963, two years after my discovery of the prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell, that Miss Anne Mary Schimel, a renowned German Scholar, delivered a series of lectures in the Punjab University Lahore. Her last lecture was about the origin of the Quran. And it was this last lecture that I by a mere chance happened to attend.

Her view was that the Quran could not have been the word of Allah, because according to her there were mistakes in it, and because it was for man to err and because God could never err, therefore the Quran could not have been regarded as the word of Allah and obviously it was the work of the prophet of Islam.

It was there that I found a chance to point to the prophecy of the Quran about the atomic bomb, and there I explained the text to her as a sure proof of Quran's divine original, for it was not for man to know this in those days when the Quran, was being revealed, and it was God only who could have known it then, and therefore it was the word of God only that the Quran could have been. My thanks are due to Miss Anne Mary Schimel for the manner in which she then convinced me of the truth and the efficacy of the prophecy in Question. And now in the end let us all pray to God that He through his boundless Mercy save this mankind from the painful and disgraceful atomic doom which now confronts us all. Amen.

Adapted from: "Prophecy Of The Atomic Hell" by: "Tebyan"

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