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Fiqh Rules for Married Couples - Ghusl al-Tartibi- (under a shower)

a. One must first make the intention for Ghusl and then wash the head and neck and then the body. It is better to wash the right side first then the left side. The body cannot be washed before the head. 38

b. It does not matter if while washing the neck, one also washes a bit of the right side of the body. 39

c. If part of the body is najis it is not necessary to first make it ritually clean and then do Ghusl; whilst doing Ghusl it can be made ritually clean. 40

d. If any part of the body is left dry (even the amount of a needle head) the Ghusl is invalid. 41

e. Unlike Wudu-, in Ghusl it is ok not to observe muwa-la-t, i.e. after washing the head and the neck, one then does something else (e.g. soap the body), it is ok for them to come back and wash the body next; it is not necessary for the Ghusl to be started again from the beginning. 42

f. All conditions that break the Wudu-, break the Ghusl.

g. If one happens to urinate while doing Ghusl or pass wind, it is not necessary that the Ghusl is restarted; the same Ghusl can be completed. However, if one wants to pray, then according to obligatory precaution, Wudu- is performed as it is not permissible to pray with the same Ghusl. 43

h. Ghusl with as many intentions as desired, mustahab and obligatory, for example, the Ghusl of Jumu’ah (Friday) can be done at the same time as Ghusl al-Jana-bat. 44

i. After Ghusl al-Jana-bat is performed, one must NOT perform Wudu- for Sala-t. This is the case for all obligatory Ghusls. If multiple intentions were made, e.g., intentions for mustahab and obligatory Ghusl, then again, Wudu- is not necessary. 45


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Adapted from the book: "From Marriage to Parenthood; The Heavenly Path" by: "Abbas and Shahin Merali"

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