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Fiqh Rules for Married Couples - Ghusl al-Janabat

Times when Ghusl al-Jana-bat becomes obligatory

1. When a man enters the woman up to the point of circumcision or more, even if ejaculation does not occur, Ghusl al-Jana-bat becomes obligatory on both parties. 32

2. If after performing sexual intercourse a man does not do Istibra- for discharge of semen (which is only urinating) and then performs Ghusl, and thereafter sees an emission and could not determine whether it was semen or not (i.e. urine) it will be deemed as semen and thus Ghusl al-Jana-bat will become obligatory on him again. 33

3. If a man ejaculates inadvertently during sleep. 34

Times when Ghusl al-Jana-bat does not become obligatory

1. If one doubts whether or not his penis penetrated up to the point of circumcision, Ghusl does not become obligatory on either party. 35

2. The liquid, moisture which is discharged by a man during foreplay is called Mazi- and is ritually clean. The liquid that comes out after ejaculation is called Wazi-, it is also ritually clean. The liquid that sometimes comes out after urine is called Wadi- is ritually clean (unless urine reaches it) and none of these require Ghusl. If one performs Istibra after urinating and then discharges a liquid and doubts whether it is urine or one of the above mentioned liquids, the liquid is ritually clean. 36

3. If one engages in sexual intercourse once and wants to engage in it once or twice more in a night, Ghusl is not obligatory after each act.

4. If one has discharged in his sleep and would like to engage in sexual intercourse, it is not obligatory for him to first perform Ghusl and then engage in the act. It is however mukrooh to engage in the act during this state. 37


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Adapted from the book: "From Marriage to Parenthood; The Heavenly Path" by: "Abbas and Shahin Merali"

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