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Fighting Imam 'Ali (as) is on par with fighting Rasulullah (s)

The unnamed writer is absolutely right. Imam Ali (as) did not call them kaffirs, but fighting Imam Ali (as) is on par with fighting Rasulullah (s). This is proven by the testimony of Rasulullah (s):

Zaid bin Arqam narrates:

"Allah''s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said regarding ''Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain (Allah be pleased with them all): I am at peace with those with whom you make peace and I am at war with those whom you make war" (Sunan Ibn-I-Majah, English translation by Muhammad Tufail Ansari, Volume 1 page 81; Fada''il al-Sahaba, by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v2, p767, Tradition #1350; al-Mustadrak, by al-Hakim, v3, p149)

Perhaps we should ask the author:

1. What is your opinion about this hadith?

2. What is his position of one who is at war with the Prophet, Muslim or Kaafir?

Rasulullah (s) said:

"Ali is the door of forgiveness, whoever enters it is a momin, whoever leaves it is a kaafir" [Kanz ul Ummal, Ali Muttaqi al Hind hadith number 32910]

This being the case what opinion should I hold on one who rather than enter the Gate turns his back on it and attacks it?

Adapted from the book: "Historic Background of Shiism"

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