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Fatwas on Working in the Banking Sector

Q1931: I am a bank employee, working in a branch abroad. By virtue of being in that country, we have to abide by the rules and regulations applied in the banking system, among which is handling ribā-based transactions. Is it permissible for me to work as part of that banking system? If so, what is the view on the salary I receive from the income of that branch of the bank?
A: Generally speaking, there is no objection to accepting the task. However, it is not permissible to handle ribā-based transactions. Any wages or salary paid for that particular work cannot be accepted. Yet, there is no harm in taking receipt of the salary that is given to you from the income of the bank branch, barring the knowledge of any illicit money within the salary you receive.

Q1932: Is it permissible to take receipt of the salary for working in such bank departments as credits, accountancy, and administration?
A: There is no harm in working in any of the abovementioned banking departments. Nor is there any harm in receiving the salary paid for working there unless the work is related in any way to a ḥarām transaction.

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