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Fatwas on Bank Prizes

Q1928: I deposited a sum of money in a savings account with the national bank. After a while, the bank gave me some money under the title of prize.
What is the view on taking receipt of such money?
A: There is no objection to having the prize and to using it.

Q1929: Prizes are granted for deposits by way of ribā-free loans. What is the view on receiving such prizes? What is the view on depositing the money with the intention of receiving the prize? And assuming that taking receipt of such prizes is permissible; would the money be liable to khums?
A: There is no problem in depositing money by way of ribā-free loans and the prize given thereof. The prize should not be liable for payment of khums.

Q1930: The savings accounts holders did not approach the bank to receive the prizes they won, either because they were not aware or for some other reason. Is it permissible for the bank to use the prizes or to distribute them among its employees?
A: Neither the bank nor its employees have the right to own the prizes unless it is done with the permission of the winners.

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