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Fatima's Marital Life

Adopted from the book : "Fatima; the Gracious" by : "Abu Muhammad Ordoni"

Lady Fatima Zahra (AS) moved from the home of prophethood to the house of Imamate, successorship and guardianship. This turn in Fatima's life, allowed her become the companion of the Father of the Imams.

As days passed, Fatima's life became more beautiful and splendid, for she lived in an atmosphere of sanctity and chaste, surrounded by modesty and humbleness. She (AS) aided her husband in his worldly and religious affairs, and cooperated with him an achieving his exalted goals. This harmony in their life was perfected by the ideological tranquility they both enjoyed, and the respect and glorification they held for each other.

Fatima (AS) realized the great rank her husband enjoyed. She respected him in the best manner as a Muslim woman should respect her Imam-for she recognized that Ali (AS) was:

    The dearest person to Allah's Messenger;
    The holder of the great guardianship;
    The possessor of absolute Imamate;
    "The Prophet's brother, successor and heir;
    The possessor of excellent talents;
    His long standing service to Islam was also apparent to everyone.

Likewise, Ali (AS) respected Fatima, not only because she was his wife, but also because she was:

    The most beloved to Allah's Messenger;
    The mistress of all women;
    And her sanctity was part of the prophet's.

Indeed, Fatima enjoyed noble traits which had any women held even one of them, she would be worthy of respect and exaltation.
In view of such characteristics, you can imagine the great marital happiness Ali and Fatima enjoyed. We can also realize that their life was not disturbed by poverty or material deprivation.

It is written in Al-Bihar, on the authority of Manaqeb that Imam Ali (AS) said:

"By Allah, I never angered Fatima, or forced he to do something (she did not like), up to the day she died; nor she ever anger or disobey me. In fact, when I looked at her, depression and sadness would be removed from my (heart)."

Al-Aisha, in his Tafsir (interpretation) of the Holy Quran, reported that Imam Baqir (AS) said:

"Fatima vouched to take care of the household work, make dough,bake bread,and clean the house, Ali vouched to take care of the outside work (such as) gathering firewood, and bringing food."

It is not exactly known how long Ali and Fatima resided in Harithah's house; but it is a given fact that Allah's Messenger constructed a house for them which had a door to the mosque just like his own house.

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