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Fatima the Withering Rose

Adopted from the book : "Fatima; the Gracious" by : Abu Muhammad Ordoni"

It was a short life ... . As the lives of fragrant roses ... .

A life which Lady Fatima (AB) endured and now it is coming to an end ... even before it was given the chance to completely blossom!!

Surely the successive calamities and severe hardships which befell Lady Fatima Zahra (AS), while she was still young, left her with a broken rib and confined to bed, suffering from her broken rib and remembering what had come to pass and her devoted husband who was her safe refuge in whom she took refuge whenever abused ... .

She remembered her usurped rights ... .

She remembered her oppressed husband and his stolen position...

She remembered him being led by his turban to the Mosque while she followed him ... .

She remembered all his and a gloomy picture appeared before her tired eyes ... then a sigh becomes imprisoned deep in her heart ... .

That heart which longs for the great Messenger who gave her the good news of her speedy departure after him ... .

Oh How forsaken she was?

But she was the Prophet's daughter!

She was his favorite child!

She whom the Prophet repeatedly expressed the importance of observing her rights!!

And as he (P.B.U.H) said: "Man is observed by respecting his children!!"

Yet, this did not stop the arrogant ones from encroaching on her rights, nor did it stop the sinful hands from reaching out to strangle the beautiful rose before it completely blossomed!!

Thus, the branch which the Prophet (P.B.U.H) left among his nations, withered away, its flowers became scattered, its branches wilted.
Fatima (A.S) appeared pale and faint!!

Allah is with you Um Al-Hassan.

You shall depart towards a generous Lord and a great Father ... then you shall complain to him about what you have encountered ...

Yes! Um Al-Hassan... on ninety (90) days are left ...

But you, Muhammad's Ummah, remember her ...

Write this in this pages of history ... and tell the generations about Fatima's sad story!!

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