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Fatima (s.a.) and the Importance of Fadak

The Fadak issue is having two-dimensions:

Economic and political. They usurped Fadak from Fatima (peace be upon her) for different reasons, and one of them was to impoverish Ali and Fatima (peace be upon them), because they spent the income of Fadak for the poor. Although Abubakr knew Fatima (peace be upon her) was right, and it needed no evidence, he usurped Fadak from Ali and Fatima (peace be upon her) in order to weaken their souls, make them indigent and keep them busy not to think about the unjust Caliphate, or stand against the present government by means of its income….

Omar said to Abubakr, "...” that means, “the people are the servants of the world”. If you cut Ali’s hand from Fadak, Khums, and Beit ul-mal, the people will disperse from his round”.

The efforts of the Caliphs in this regard were somehow futile, but Fatima (peace be upon her) did not evade it and started defending administering her right.

Adapted from the book: "Fatima (a.s) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam" by: "Dr. Ali Ghaemi"

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