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Fatima Ma'suma's Father

Adopted from the Book : "Lady Fatima Ma'suma (A) of Qom" by : "Ma'suma Jaffer"


The father of Lady Fatima Masuma (A) was the 7th Imam -Imam Musa al-Kazim (A). It has been recorded in history that Imam al-Kazim (A) had numerous children.
Shaykh Mufid (d. 413 A.H) writes that Imam al-Kazim (A) had 37 children (whom he has named), 19 sons and 18 daughters; and that two of these daughters were named Fatima - Fatima al-Kubra and Fatima al-Sughra.1
Sibt ibn Jawzi, the famous 8th century scholar of the Ahl al-Sunnah, narrates that four daughters of Imam al- Kazim (A) were named Fatima; Fatima al-Kubra, Fatima al-Wusta, Fatima al-Sughra and Fatima al-Ukhra.2
Fatima al-Kubra is the very same Lady Fatima Masuma (A) buried in Qum.
It is narrated that Fatima al-Wusta is buried in Isfahan and her Haram is called Sitti Fatima (near Chahar Suq Shirazi-ha).
Fatima al-Sughra is well known as "Bibi Heybat". She is buried in Azerbaijan,3 where the beautiful dome and garden at her shrine were destroyed during the era of the Communist Russia.
Fatima al-Ukhra, who is also known as Fatima Tahira, is buried in Rasht, Iran.4
The contemporary reseacher, Allamah Shaykh Muhammad Taqi Tustari wites : Amongest all the children of Imam al-Kazim (A), other then Imam Ali al-Rida (A) there was no one equal in status to Lady Fatima Masuma (A).5
In 173 A.H, Harun al-Rashid became the Caliph. Six years later, on the 20th Shawwal 173 A.H, he ordered Imam al-Kazim (A) to be arrested in Madina. At the time of his arrest, Imam (A) was in the state of prayers in the Prophet's (S) mosque. After his arrest, he was brought to Iraq, where he was imprisoned in the dungeons of Baghdad. This is where the Imam (A) spent the rest of his life.
Harun had the Imam (A) poisoned, and he died in the prison of Baghdad on the 24th or the 25th of Rajab in the year 183 A.H. He is buried in the "Maqabir Quraysh" which is now known as Kazimayn, because the 9th Imam - Imam Muhammad al- Taqi (A) is also buried there.6
From the dates above, we can conclude that the Imam (A) was in prison for four years. However, some historians have quoted that his time in prison was seven years, and Ibn Jawzi has mentioned that it was eleven years.7
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