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Faith of the Maytham

Maytham deeply believed in Allah. He was not afraid of the unjust. People were afraid of Ibn Ziyad. They shook with fear when they saw him. But Maytham did not pay attention to him. He knew that Ubaidullah's death was certain. He knew that the unjust would not stay alive forever.

Mu'awiyah and his son Yazeed prevented people from loving Imam Ali [a]. The police arrested and killed the Imam's companions.

Imam Ali [a] had told his companions about the Umayyad police. One day he said to Maytham:

The Umayyad will order you to disown me. Will you do that?

Maytham said:

No, I won't!

Maytham thought that to disown Imam Ali [a] meant to disown Islam. And to disown Islam meant to disown Allah. The Imam said:

Surely, you'll be killed!

Maytham said:

I'll be patient! Death is little for Allah!

The lmam said:

You'll be with me in Paradise.

Adopted from the book: "Maytham al-Tammar" by: "Kamal al-Seyyed"

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