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Eary Life of Lady Zaynab (s.a)

Lady Zaynab was brought up at the hands of Prophet Muhammad, Imam 'Ali, and Lady Fatimah the Veracious (a). In other words, she was brought up in the lap of the divine prophesy, spent her early life in the house of the divine mission, suckled the milk of the most perfect woman of all ages, and was nourished at the hands of the Commander of the Faithful believers. Hence, she enjoyed a divine upgrowth and spiritual education and received a garments of elevation, eminence, chastity and decency. After the demise of Prophet Muhammad (s) and his daughter Fatimah (a), Imam 'Ali married Umamah1 who took care of Lady Zaynab perfectly since this lady was known of her piety and submission to the Lord.

Lady Zayanb, hence, was covered by the most exalted colors fo education, honor, dignity, mercy, and compassion.She learn from the behaviors of her parents and brothers many things that composed her perfect personality.

For instance, whenever she visited her brother Imam al-Husayn, he would stand up as a sign of reverence and respect for her. Whenever she wanted to visit the holy tomb of her grandfather, her father and two brothers used to accompany her. They also used to extinguish any light so that nobody would see her.2

She was really the inheritor of Imam 'Ali's values, moralities, and ethics. To the scholars and narrators of Hadith,3 Lady Zaynab enjoyed a great position. They, therefore, used to refer to Imam 'Ali, during the Umayyad reign who eded any mention to the Imam's name, by saying 'Father of Zaynab reported ...'


1- Umamah is the daughter of Zaynab stepdaughter of Prophet Muhammad (s). Implementing the will of Fatimah al-Zahra' , Imam Ali married Umamah after the demise of Lady Fatimah. It is also worth mentioning here that Umamh was greatly respected by Prophet Muhammahd (s).

2- See at-Tabarani's al-Mu'jam al-Kabir as related to Yahya al-Mazini.

3- Hadith is the body of traditions concerning the sayings and doing of the Prophet Muhammah (s).

Adopted from the book : "Lady Zaynab" by : "Ansariyan Publications"

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