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Dressing room

Dressing room

"A dressing-room, however, may be much more simpler than this. All excess of luxury may be suppressed without preventing a woman of taste from making the little sanctuary of her charms both elegant and tasteful."

It is called also “boudoir” which derives from the French verb bouder, meaning "to pout". My Definition for a dressing room is a small room or partition that can be made in passages between two bedrooms or between a bedroom and a bathroom; there is no fixed bases for dressing room Furnishing. Because setting up a dressing room depends on a lot of things like its location, size, budget and most important thing is the personal touch.

Simplicity sometimes is the best, that’s why we’re going to tell some advice and things to consider when you think of making a simple dressing room.


despite of the small size of the room, there should be enough space for you to move freely, sometimes you need to spread your arms and turn when you wear something new. Also there must be a place to store all your cloths, makeup, cosmetic tools and hair tools, that’s why you should make good use of the space by making a number of drawers for storage and easy access, you should have some shelves placed across the end of the room at a sufficient height to allow you to hang your dresses from hooks. On these shelves you can put your boxes, parcels, etc.; the whole being hidden by curtains to match the draperies of the tables. These curtains should not be placed against the wall, as they would then reveal the outlines of all the things they are meant to hide. They should be hung from the ceiling, and enclose the shelves as in an alcove.


the mirrors play few important roles in the dressing room, the existence of the mirrors gives depth to the room and hides the actual size of the room and doubles the lighting, it’s necessary to have two mirrors in front of each other in order to make you able to see yourself from all angles.


the table is a very important unit in your dressing room which should be chosen with taste and care; it’s mainly used for the operation of hair-dressing, so everything necessary to that important art must be found upon it. The various boxes for pins and hair-pins are to be placed on this table, a large casket, in which are placed the brushes and combs, whose elegance should be on a par with that of the rest of the room; the bottles of perfume and of scented oil or pomades the powder boxes; the manicure case, etc., should all have their places on this table.

Walls and floor:

choose a pretty wall-paper or paint that makes you feel comfort while you are in your dressing room, and try to match the colors of the walls, curtains and table covers, and a dark color carpet will make your room cozy, and always remember to make your “dressing room” smell good using the Air fresheners Fragrance suitable for your personality.

Finally I can say that designing your dressing room allows you to innovate and create the suitable environment for yourself to feel comfort while getting dressed for going out or after taking a shower, this feeling of comfort will be reflected on the way you act till the end of the day .

Shaimaa Saleh

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