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Living in a sunny yet dusty city like cairo, make curtains a masterpiece while decorating your house. Even rooms with one or two window or small balcony will need curtains to give warm and elegance to the place.

Curtains can be a very powerfull tool to reflect the style you are using to furnish your home, either classic French, gothic, modern or other. You can use different type of fabrics and mix and match colors and prints to suit the furniture you are using . To help you know better about curtain and poles , find below some information about different types of curtains and its best use.
  1. Wooden venetian blinds: They look chic in a study, library or bedroom. You can find wooden blind in a lot of finishes, from lightly pickled to dark mahogany. Their fabric tapes, which came in a wide range of colors, can be coordinated with the fabric on upholstered furniture.
  2. Metal blinds: which are still ubiquitous in office settings, they are not used as residential interiors.
  3. Shutters: Can darken a room well and offer a lot of privacy. Standard-size shutters are best for smaller rooms. And for larger contemporary style rooms wide plantation shutters, from floor to ceiling can make a quite dramatic statement.
  4. Sheer curtains: not only do they allow light in, they offer privacy as well. Sheer can flow to a windowsill or the floor. When gathered together on rods inside the top and bottom of a window frame they can offer additional privacy. It will give you soft, dreamy impression of the view outside.
  5. Lined curtains: in heavier fabrics will always remain a beloved classic. If you choose to use a lined fabric on your windows, hang it on wooden or metal poles with coordination rings and finials for a more polished look. This option is usually not sufficient without additional window treatment.
  6. Balloon shades: Work best in traditional homes. They block more light because they cover one-third to one half of a window's surface at all times. Bedrooms are the best place for these fabric-heavy treatments.
  7. Roman shades: Give more light control while using less fabric. They can be made from a dreamy, gauzy material.
  8. Bamboo blinds: Hung with lined curtains in a traditional home, they add an air of elegance. Hung alone, they convey a tropical look. It's best to hang these blinds inside the window frame, even if there are not curtains, for a custom-size fit.
  9. Duette shades: Are very popular, for good reason, available in transparent semi-opaque, opaque and blackout densities. Light sleepers especially appreciate their blackout shades, which block 99.5 percent of light. Duette shades can even be used on green house and fanlight windows. Duette shades come in small, medium and large pleats and a number of colors for the best effect, choose one that matches your wall color.
  10. Silhouette shades: They can transform a room very quickly by offering a lot of flexibility. If privacy is an issue, they will give you maximum coverage; by simply pulling a cord they will become opaque. Bon soir silhouette shades are available for the bedroom. They are most effective when matched to wall color, giving it a smooth soft, transition between your windows and walls.
  11. luminette vertical blinds: are most appropriate on a sliding door or with a sliding door and window combination.
Finally remember that curtains give the final and complete look and style to any place .So take you r time choosing the curtains and try to clean it frequently to keep it in a good condition . On the other hand keep in mind that you will not have the same curtains forever so don’t just go for the most expensive option as it doesn’t have to be the best.

Finally you can add some accessories to renew your old curtains just add some colors or change the poles can give a new look to any rooms.

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