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Did you see Imam Baqer (A.S.)?

Abu Basir says: “In the presence of Imam Mohammad Baqer (A.S.) I entered a meeting, so many people were coming and going.

Imam told me: Ask people do they see me?

From every one I asked “Did you see Imam Baqer(A.S.)?”, He said,

“No while he stood beside me until Abu Harun Makfuf (A blind man) came.
Imam Baqer (A.S.) said: “Ask him.”

I asked, “Did you see Imam Baqer (A.S.)?”

He answered, “Yes, He has stood here.”

I said: How could you see him while you are blind?

He said, “How should not I see him while he is a bright light and a shining sun.


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