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Comparative Fatwas on Rulings of a Masjid

Fatwās Of Imam Khomeini (q.)

Fatwās of the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (d.)

1- If a masjid is usurped and another building like a house is built on its site so that no one calls it a masjid any more, it is still ḥarām to make it najis and it is obligatory to purify it.

1- It is not known that it is ḥarām to make a masjid najis – although it is a caution not to do so – in the following cases: a) it is usurped, deconstructed, given up and another building is erected on its site; b) as it is given up, all signs as a masjid are lost and there is no hope of reconstruction e.g. no one stays in the region anymore.


2- As per obligatory caution, one should not decorate a masjid with gold or pictures of souled entities e.g. humans, animals. It is makrūh to draw a picture of a non-souled entity e.g. a flower / a bush in a masjid.

2- It is ḥarām to decorate a masjid with gold if it is considered extravagance. Otherwise, it is makrūh.

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