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Comparative Fatwas on Qada Prayer

Fatwās Of Imam Khomeini (q.)

Fatwās of the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei (d.)

1- The fifth obligatory prayer is the father’s qaḍā’ prayer which is obligatory for the eldest son to say.

1- It is obligatory for the eldest son to perform the qaḍā’ prayers and fasts of both parents.


2- If a father did not perform his prayer or fast, his eldest son is obliged to make up the qaḍā’ of his prayers after his death or hire somebody to do so in case it was not out of disobedience and he was able to perform their qaḍā’. Rather, the same rule applies to the fasts and prayers missed out of disobedience and to the fasts that the father missed during traveling even though he was not able to make them up later.

2- If a father or, by obligatory caution, a mother did not fast due to some excuse — other than travel — nor performed its/their qaḍā’ while being able of doing so, it is obligatory after their death that their eldest son performs its/their qaḍā’ or hires somebody for that. Regarding the fasts missed during traveling, the eldest son should make up their qaḍā’ even if they did not find a chance to perform the qaḍā’.
As for the fasts that parents have deliberately ignored, it is a caution that their eldest son keeps the qaḍā’ himself or hires somebody else to do so

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